Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have been in my sewing room alllllllllll night making pillows and loving EVERY second of it! I decided to take a little break and create a little something for my daughter's room. She asks me DAILY to make her some goodies, and I have kind of slacked in that department, so tonight I made her a gift....and I plan on making MANY more. :)

Hopefully within the next few days! Thank you all SOOO much for the orders, I am having a GREAT time making them.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Princess, A Pirate, And Some Pillows

This weekend we decided to have a vacation at "Grammy and Grampy's House". (aka my parents) We used to come visit them once a month and stay for a weekend when we still lived in West Palm and my kids LOVED staying the night and waking up there! We visit them alllll the time, but there is something different about staying the night and actually pretending you are on a real vacation!
It was GREAT! I was able to actually relax and didn't have to worry about anything! Gotta love that!!!!!
We have been in the process of potty training Collin (turned 2 in November) and he is actually REALLY into it because he wants to be big like his big sister, Kacey. (a whopping 4 years old!) This weekend he didn't have any accidents, and so as a big surprise my mom and I decided to pack the kids lunches.....get in the car without telling them where we were going! We told them that the "MAGIC CAR" was just going to drive us wherever it thought we should spend the day. The kids looked out the window and kept guessing where we were headed. Then....they say the big mickey mouse ears....and SCREAMED as loud as they could!!!! We told them that we were spending the day at Disney World in honor of Collin wearing Big Boy Undies....and Kacey being such a good big sister and teacher with him! THEY HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the only picture we got....because we BOTH forgot our cameras and my cell phone's battery was dying. (we had enough on our plates trying to keep this a secret!!)

I also came home tonight and with what little energy I had left....put together these pillows. I have had a few requests for pink crown pillows...and just decided to throw in the turquoise because it happens to be my favorite color. Enjoy!!!! You can pick your pillow case up right here!!!

Have a GREAT day!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Couchless...and excited about it!

A bit ago I posted a picture of our living/dining room combo and asked for some serious help. LOVED all the comments and emails! (although my husband is cursing every single one of them...tehe!) So I figured the biggest thing that I didn't like about the room was the couch. I actually LOVE the couches, but they just didn't fit with the room...SO THEY ARE NOW GONE! I sold them to a super sweet friend moving out into a new place and in need of them... PERFECT FIX! (and now I can still visit them if I start to miss my first big purchase after college)

Now I just need to make my way to Orlando to go to Ikea and pick up this baby. (not to mention borrow someone's truck...wow, this is a big process!)

I am DEFINETLY getting white, but don't you worry....I am purchasing extra covers just in case my threats don't work on my kids and they spill something.

I KNOW it will look great, and will make me sooo happy! I will add a few of these

and these....

This BEAUTY will go in place of my other BIG chair, and it makes me sooo happy! (although a bit nervous with the kids.....but I can't keep it in hiding)

I am soooo excited! I better start calling around to borrow a truck! THANKS for all of your ideas!!! XOXO!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Summer is Just Around The Corner....

I live in Tampa, Florida so the beach is always an option on a nice weekend day! (not trying to rub it in....promise!) But for some reason, we rarely make it out there to enjoy what we have so close by. It is about an hour drive from door to beach, which to most people seems amazing, but after living in West Palm Beach less than two miles from the beach for seven years....this seems like a big hike with two kids for the afternoon.

I just LOVE the feel of the beach, the smell, the sounds, everything about it! So tonight I decided we are going to go back to the beach again this weekend. And in all the excitement, I decided that I wanted to make some pillows that reminded me of the beach. I love them! They don't match anything in my Living room just yet, but once I get a white couch, I will have them EVERYWHERE!

Doesn't it remind you of the most amazingly soft beach towel??

Then I received a special order the other day for this Paris Address Pillow and I am excited about how it turned out. I made it look a little bit more vintage and more like the letters had been stamped on by the Post Office.

All of these pillows are available right here

And after all this sewing sitting in my unfinished sewing room....I decided to search for curtain material. I looked at three stores today for black and white striped fabric or pre-packaged curtains...and came up empty handed. But I think I might go with this fabric. See the post below to get the vision of where I am headed with these curtains. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooo nice sewing at my newly painted pink sewing table tonight!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Making Progress

So I have made it my goal to Start a Room.....and actually continue working on it until it is done. (new concept for me....I am generally all over the place when it comes to decorating!) I had originally planned on it being my bedroom, but that was a bit too difficult. Then to the Living Room/Dining Room, but my budget isn't allowing me to do that project just yet.


This is the pile of magazines I have been looking at for months (okay..some of them years) and today I decided to go through and rip out what I loved. (gasp!)

I started my "kid-free" afternoon by painting my sewing table a nice light pink. (left over from my daughter's room) Since my sewing machine sat unplugged on the floor.....I decided to head to the garage and continue my painting kick....

This is the new 6 foot sign that I made for the room! Will go GREAT with the white walls.....pink sewing table....black pictures.....and someday the black and white striped curtains. (see below) I can't wait to hang this baby up!!!!! Just need to sand her down a bit to make it look like The Sa-Sea Boutique has been around for ages.

Then I made this sign for a friend of mine, Maria Snider! She is an AMAZING photographer and I LOVE her work and all that she does in the MILLIONS of pictures she has taken of my family. (see her site here ) I wanted to make her a little Thank You for being so great.....so I made her daughter a little frame. (still needs to be sanded as well)
I might be adding some personalized frames to my site...what do you think?

Wow, it will be a VERY sad day when Kacey is in Kindergarden and Collin is in preschool....but I sure will get a lot of stuff done. (little tear, and smile at the same time)

While the Kids Are Away....Mama Will Play

My kids are at my parents house for the afternoon, and I have decided I am going to finish up on orders....and then organize my sewing/office/guest room. (i will have to think of a snazzy name for the combo of uses this room serves as....like our Barfice...Bar/office)
Right now I have BRIGHT pink and white polka dot curtains that I made for the room to block out the BLAZING Florida sun while I sew. But the sun shines thru and makes the entire room Glow BRIGHT pink! (my daughter thought I made our dog, Roxy's hair pink because it was glowing pink on her white fur)
It is a great room if it was just for me to play around and create in, but it is also our guest room. My father in law stayed in there complaint free....but I know that he couldn't wait to get home and away from all the pink.

Here are a few of the ideas I am leaning towards. I generally don't do black very well....but I have a few AMAZING pictures up in that room that are in black frames and I just can't imagine painting them. So I am going with the black!

These curtains are AMAZING! I will need to find some fabric like that so I can get to work! LOVE THE FEEL! Beachy, yet oh so chic!

I might not be able to get away with the pink duvet cover....but I can DEF add some pink pillows and flowers when my guests come!

This picture and the one below just make me happy! I love pink and brown combo! My daughter won't even entertain the thought of adding brown to her room, but I can still check back and look at these pictures now and again! (my daughter even told her preschool teacher that she doesn't like brown so she was just going to color everything Pink.....even though the color of the week was brown. YIKES!)

Can you get over those curtains! I found these pictures on Flickr and they didn't have any great shots of them...but I can just picture them now!
Better get started on my day before the kids are home!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am SO Proud!!

As I was folding Laundry (BLAH), my kids were busy getting a Surprise ready to show me. I didn't know exactly what they were up to, because Kacey kept telling me, "Close your eyes mom! (this could have been a bad sign, but I sat back and waited for my surprise!)
I entered the Kitchen This is what I found. (Minus the sign that she had me write)

Her VERY First Lemonade Stand!!!!! And Yes, she is charging $5 a glass of fake lemonade from an old Gatorade Bottle. Love this little girl!!!!!

She was SO excited!!!! This was all set up by her, she even LUGGED out her VERY heavy piggy bank!

Collin had to take a turn at "working" while Kacey "went to go to Target" to guy more lemonade.
Business was so good for her, that she decided to pack all of her shop in a box and she made a call to her Grammy! This is what I heard of the conversation, "Grammy, will you please come pick me up tomorrow morning so that we can set up a Lemonade Stand in your yard. Please call your friends so that they come buy some. You will need to get cookies or snacks in case my customers are hungry. Okay?"
What's a Grammy to say besides, "Okay, I will be there at 9:30 to get things set up"
I can't wait to see how business goes tomorrow for my little girl! She has already informed me that we will need to go to Target after her sale so that she can buy a Barbie or dress. (she sets her goals high)

Friday, March 20, 2009




Thursday, March 19, 2009


I looked and organized all of my pictures of how I WANT my house to be....and got so depressed that I am sooo far off that I decided to sew. I LOVE sewing, You can sit down at the machine for an hour and create something that you can be proud of, and I already have enough supplies to sew just about anything.....so that is just what I did. :)

I love this print!!!! My little man STILL has to fall asleep with his super soft minky blanket just because it is sooo soft! love it!

This was my favorite little outfit when Collin was a little guy! I think I have made him the same shirt in every single size he has ever fit into.

love this combo and I wish I would have had this fabric when Kacey was little. She has a blanket like this now, but it isn't the same as taking baby pictures of her wrapped in bright bubble gum polka dots! so sweet!!!

This is the same blanket...just the reverse side.
I have been making/selling baby items since Kacey was born. I haven't been doing much advertising for the site lately because I was overloaded for a while....but I am ready to start making some baby gear again. you can check out my originally (still working) boutique here.
And these items are also just now available in my etsy shop!!!

Today Is The Day

So Today I have decided is the day that I make a project list.................a REAL project list......and try to stick to it! I am sooo up in the air on all things dealing with decorating. I always just browse Home Goods, TJ Maxx, or any of those AMAZING places and just pick up things that I LOVE...not knowing where they will go or even sometimes knowing what they are. :)

But today is the day I am organizing all my folders of pictures I have cut out with "LOVE" written about something they have done...........and I am coming up with a plan!

This couch looks sooo inviting! I LOVE the colors of pillows and the carpet.

I wish I could figure out how to make a seat cover like that! I am going to get some fabric and just practice until I get it to look JUST like that! I am also SERIOUSLY considering painting my table that grayish/greenish/blueish color and then sanding the heck out of it! LOVE it!

This couch just makes me happy. Will have to go in my newly labeled "maybe in 18 years when the kids are away at college on a full scholarship so that I have money to buy these beautiful things" file.

I might paint my sewing table with these stripes. There I go again with the "might".....this is why I need to come up with a plan and STICK to it! I always just wait for a better Idea to come along. Serious Problem because nothing gets done when you are doing that!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009





Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Annual Green Party

We had a successful "green Party" tonight!

I was a bit nervous when I went to the grocery story this morning to get the green bread and asked the woman at the bakery, "Where can I find the green sliced sandwich bread?"

She answered, "Well we decided not to make it this year because only ONE person purchased it last year!"

She was sooo nice and after I told her I had promised my kids and a few of their friends a magical green sandwich...she told me that she would make up a loaf and call me when it was ready!

Yes, the bakery specially made me green bread for our party....and called me when I could pick it up! I feel oh so lucky! :)

The kids enjoyed their magical meal!!!! (my daughter, Kacey is on the left with necklace....and my little Collin is the one with long BLOND hair and a mouth full of green goodness!)

Magical Green Milk! mmmmm

Green Sandwich......CHECK

Green Grapes.........CHECK

Green Fruit Dip........CHECK

Green GoGurt Snacks........Check
MAGIC green pistachio pudding! mmmm!!! (check out my beautiful blue eyed little boy! melts my heart!)
So We had a successful dinner....hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!!!!

My house VS My Inspiration

Okay, I would LOVE to say that I found these pictures a while ago and have been planning towards their perfection...but that's not the case. I JUST found these pictures today on flickr...but I am NOW designing my space to be like theirs. :)

any suggestions???
This is the feel that I WANT for the room! I bought these couches out of college and want so badly to cover them...but it is so pricey! AND slipcovers just wouldn't fit. I also wish I could hang lighting, but it isn't wired because we have speakers throughout the house for music leaving no room.

This is my living room right off the front door. The furniture is all stuff that Chad and I have had...I just painted and sanded them down and purchased new knobs. (The sign I saw on Rate My Space and loved!) I also just purchased a china hutch on craigslist for $35 and am in the process of painting it to replace large white piece that is already there.

I am in the process of figuring out curtains. The problem is the windows on the front (this picture) and the window in the dining room are different heights. SOOOO annoying! I am thinking of linen or burlap for the curtains, but I don't want it to be too blah!
This is the feel that I dream of for my dining room!
This is my dining room....I have a farm table that was in Chad's family so I hate to paint it! I do, however, wish I could cover the red with seat cushions...I just need to figure out how! I also want to spray the two candle holders on the side either white or a sea blue and put brown candles in it. I like the light fixture...Just want to hang some sort of crystals on it and don't know where to begin. The rooms just don't flow now, and they are connected so it looks too choppy!
I originally thought my husband would not be into the shabby chic of it all.....but he actually loves it! THANK GOD!
Feel free to help in ANY way! I am in a serious rut with this room!!!

Hoping my Leprechaun gives me 3 wishes. :)

I don't have anything green to post this morning, so I am going to just post pictures of the things I would wish for if a Leprechaun could grant me wishes....I love how this looks! I am sure I could do this with 2 sets of benches and a base....but it would be so great to just wish for one and have it right here!
LOVE IT! That is a dresser your husband wouldn't even try to take over drawers in!

Yes, I live in florida, but I just want a fireplace to look at...and have a place to hand stockings! LOVE it!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I was at it again....

I found myself in my craft room making pillows again today. :) I have decided that I am going to redo my daughter's bedroom and I wanted to make some soft and girlie pillows for her. Then I realized that I wanted a little pillow for myself....and that is how it all began. :)

This is the pillow that I am adding to my bedroom. It measures 12X16 and will fit in nicely! The edge is a tutu ruffle. LOVE how sweet it is!


Kacey's new pillow. (a bit wrinkled because she decided to hug it with excitement when I showed her what I had been working on)

Love the new take on the crown pillow! It just seems so soft and would fit nicely onto any couch or bed!

Did I forget to mention I made a new towel too. :)

This tote is one of my new favorites! It has an address in Paris on it, and makes me feel like I have been somewhere amazing. :) (or am on my way there)
check them out here to pick one up for yourself...or a friend...or two.....