Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Birthday Bash

It is really no secret at all that I LOVE Halloween! I remember being SUPER stoked that my due date for Collin was close enough to Halloween that I could throw him Halloween Birthday Parties if he wanted.....and lucky for me he loves the holiday as much as I do!

This weekend we celebrated Collin's upcoming 5th Birthday....and it went off perfectly! Even looking at these pictures makes me so happy!

The family......Grammy the witch......Kacey is Ariel......Collin is Batman.....Grampy is Robin......I am Captain Hook....and Chad is Mr. Smee. I had sooo much fun making each of the costumes and then seeing everyone really pull off the look. Makes this mama proud!

Possibly my favorite picture ever. They are too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha! Kacey helped me pick out all of the fabric and the design of how she wanted her costume. She absolutely LOVES stuff like this!
The party began at 6, and we had 22 kids and just as many parents! I was a little nervous because we have never had that many people over.....BUT IT WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!!

We set up craft table for crafts while we waited for everyone to show up! The boys colored edible vampire teeth while the girl's made fall flower pens! TOTAL SUCCESS!

The boys showing off their vampire teeth! ha!

My little batman!

The girl's with their flower pens.

Collin picked ALL of the games himself! I gave him a list of about 20 activities and he picked what he wanted to do and was SOOO excited about planning his party himself.

Freeze dance is his all time favorite game! Playing to halloween music takes the game to the highest level of fun....and a lot of fun to watch!

There was a relay race with an eyeball on a spoon. haha....from the looks of this picture it is obvious that Collin was cheating! (sorry....the judges were all drinking white wine sangria! bad judgement)

My favorite part of the night was when my mom sat on a rocking chair in our spooky "grave yard" and read "There was an old lady who swallowed a bat" to the kids in a spooky witch voice. All of the kids sat and listened soo well and really enjoyed it!

After she finished reading the story she handed out little bags of "Rat eyeballs, Spider legs, and ghost poop" to go along with the book. (idea via pinterest)

I made owl and spider cupcakes and the kids loved them! Collin picked out Orange flavored cake with chocolate frosting, and it was really a good combo!

My fave serving piece of all!!!!!!!

I still can't believe my little man is turning 5! Where on earth did the last 5 years go..and how can I get my little baby back!

We had these milk jugs all around our fence and they were a great accent! The whole family got into painting them.....and it looked great with the lights!

Our spooky grave yard was a success!
I can honestly say that it was the best party I have ever done!!!!! I think all of the parents and kids had a blast......and Collin hasn't stopped talking about it today!

I am going to bed one proud mama tonight.....and looking forward to Halloween tomorrow! Hope everyone had a wonderfully festive weekend!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, October 28, 2011

I love a rainy day...

I AM IN LOVE with my Hunter Rain Boots!!!!!!! I actually get excited when the weather says we are expecting rain just so that I can wear them!

Now if only we were expecting colder weather in Florida so that I could wear my Hunter socks to go with them!

I have been VERY busy planning my son's Halloween 5th Birthday party planned for tomorrow night! We will be having 24 kids and their parents over for a spooky costume party....and I honestly can't wait!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a festive weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mickey's Halloween Party

Last night we went to Disney for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. It was a great time.....7 hours of a good time! :)
My sister and her family came down to visit from VA, and the weather was absolutely AMAZING here! We had a total blast! Here is the night in pictures......

Our gang.....minus Chad who had to work. :(

Argh! haha

my kids weren't thrilled I didn't finish sewing their costumes for this year prior to our disney trip.....but this mom has been busy!

Proud Grammy and Grampy with their babies

Best picture of the day! ha! Looks like my sister is in trouble in 10 years when Elle starts to drive.

My bats. These were their last years costumes....but perfect for the chilly night!

We had a BLAST! The kids LOADED up on candy.....went to a dance party with Woody and Jessie, Watched a scary parade, had so much fun people watching all of the adults that seriously decked themselves up and were SOOO serious about their costumes, Collin was finally tall enough for a big deal roller coaster, and we just had a great night!!!!!! Can't wait until next year!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Bday Fun!

I had an AMAZING birthday weekend!!!!!
I love the month of October.....and that my birthday falls in the middle. I will have to say that I do miss the fall weather of living in Virginia....but I will deal with our warm Florida fall for our amazing winters.

We started the weekend with a fun night at Kacey's School fall festival. The kids really had a great time!

My mother in law was here for the weekend to help us celebrate.

Love that Chad got into a festive outfit with us!!!!!

Sunday morning (my birthday) I got the whole family up at 5am to drive an hour and watch Chad and I run a 15k race! They were super excited to cheer for us!

Our race started out on the wrong foot.....we were in line for the rest room when the race we had to clock our own time. It was actually kind of fun to start late because it felt amazing to pass so many people and catch up to where we were at our pace run. :)
We ended up running 10 miles in just over 9 min miles......AND COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! I really enjoy running with my hubby, and it was his first race ever....and he did amazing!

turning 32 is fun!!!!!!

My family!

Sushi all time favorite! Love how they know our name and our orders whenever we show up or call for an order. Makes me smile!

a Snickers blizzard was an amazing way to end such a special day!!!!!

Here's to another great year with my amazing family and friends!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My daughter LOVES to have her nails painted so we tried out "shattering" our nails for halloween. It was really cool how it worked.....and perfect for halloween!!!!!

We purchased "Atomic Orange" by OPI, "black shatter" by OPI, and used OPI top coat after to make it all really shiny!

First you paint the nails with the under color.....and it is REALLY important that you wait for it to dry all the way. I will admit we were too excited and so I couldn't wait, and it brushed off some of my orange. Why does everything take soo long to dry, I am not patient enough for this!

Kacey pulled out her American Girl catalog as reading material while I painted her up. ha!

Loved the orange alone....but just wasn't spooky enough for us.

Wahoo.....spooky halloween nails for us!!!!! I am totally going to do green and red for Christmas as well. It is just fun and a nice change.

Try it!!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

32 Random facts....

I am almost 32 years old.....and I think it pretty much kicks ass! I love the 30's!!!!!! I decided to do 32 random facts about myself in honor of the new year!

1. I could eat sushi 7 days a week and never get sick of it
2. I am spending my big birthday running a 15k with my hubby
3. I live in Florida but still live 45 min from the beach, and this is so sad to me
4. I love my friends
5. My kids are total homebodies just like their mama
6. My favorite color is turquoise, and has been since I was in high school
7. I have coached soccer for my son's team for 3 seasons and haven't lost a game!!!!!
8. The sight of people brushing their teeth makes me ill
9. My kids and I do not like soda.....AT ALL.
10. I am not a beer girl....but will drink cheap keg bear in red solo cups and enjoy it!
11. I think it is absolutely annoying when people copy others!
12. Girl's nights always make me happy....I have a great group of girlfriends!
13. Teen Mom makes me cry on a weekly basis! (on mtv)
14. I can't even watch jersey shore for two min.....most annoying show ever!
15. I redecorate my house all the time, yet I always keep the same colors
16. I could redecorate my entire home at Home Goods
17. I love to run....alone....unless I am with Chad or my dad.
18. I smile the entire time my kids tell us about their day during dinner.....and I pray that they are always so open with us!
19. Family bike rides make me happy!
20. Bleach is my all time favorite cleaning supply
21. I seriously figured out the game of roulette while in Aruba and am dying to go to Vegas and convince my hubby of this. :)
22. Santa still brings me gifts
23.Carrot Cake is my all time fave
24. I eat ice cream pretty much on a nightly basis
25. Have zero problem cutting bad people out of my life and never looking back
26. It makes me SO HAPPY every year when my husband brings four boxes of Halloween decorations down from the attic
27. I haven't colored my hair since before I was married.....and am convinced it keeps getting darker each year.
28. Wear jeans on a daily basis
29. Am addicted to Couponing
30. My favorite thing to do is spend the day at the beach with my family
31. Read my nook nightly to fall asleep


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Costumes are being made....

My kids get really excited about picking out costumes each year.......and actually still enjoy me making them! Kacey gets REALLY into it and loves to pick out the fabric and stand over my shoulder to make sure that I do it all just right!

We have a lot of fabric, sewing, designing going on around here lately! She does not want the same costume as ANYONE.....and has made sure that hers will be a different style. :)

Hopefully we will be done with all of this in time.....