Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eye Candy

I have been sewing ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL DAY!!!!! I was LUCKY enough to have my WONDERFUL husband take the kids to go see a movie this morning so that I could lock myself upstairs in my sewing room and get down to business!!!!! I am officially caught up!!!! (for the most part) :)

Here are a few of the new additions to my shop!

This Burlap pillow case was a special order that I I decided to make 2 extra to add to my shop! It looks so great surrounded with all the other white pillows!!!!

I love pillows on my bed....the more the merrier!!!!!!! So I have made the crown in a 12x12 pillow case so that you can fit JUST ONE MORE pillow in the last little nook on your bed! Actually, I can make ANY of the designs in my shop in a 12x12 if you are interested. :)

I also needed a break from my pillow madness today.....and made a few of the Queen Bee Shopping totes. I LOVE these!!!!!


ps- Yes I did mention in my last post that I was adding new RUFFLE pillow camera didn't take that great of pictures. (meaning, I am not that great of a photographer) so I am going to go back at it again tomorrow! You can get a sneak peek of it behind the Burlap pillow! :)


janet said...

Good morning...I found you on an Etsy your shop and look forward to checking in on your blog ;-) Have a great day.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Very cute stuff! What a great honey you have to let you get some work done without the kiddos:)

Lacy said...

Love the burlap and am loving so many ruffles too!

Emily B said...

ok these are adorable! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fleur de lys (did I even spell that right?!)!

Lynette said...

I love that burlap pillow - how cute is that!!

Happy Hump day to you - hope your girl's birthday party was a success!