Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seven Years.....REALLY?!

It absolutely blows my mind how fast time flies by with kids! I am slightly in shock that my baby girl is turning 7 this coming weekend! I have NO idea how this happened.....how she is almost 7....and how I am the mother of a 7 year old! How!?!

I love love looking back at pictures of the past seven years.....and especially around my kid's birthdays! I love to see how we prepared for their arrival, how we were so excited and didn't even know them yet! I love seeing their baby faces as they change and grow, and how happy they make us! Pictures are my all time favorite thing!

These pictures make me smile! I was JUST married........a new homeowner.......and far far away from family when I was pregnant with my little Kacey and these pictures just make me smile!

I was 15 weeks pregnant in this picture....and I already knew I was having a little girl! It is soo funny because I totally thought I was "showing" at this time. ha!

29 weeks. I LOVED being pregnant and my big belly! Kacey was SOOOOOO active in my stomach and Chad and I would sit for hours just watching her move and talking to her!

Chad and my dad worked so hard on Kacey's room and I would just stand there and watch!

It was actually kind of funny watching them!

My little nursery! I used to spend hours laying in here just looking around! I loved it!

This was Kacey's room until she was almost 3!

Her bathroom! I was a little nervous about painting it bright orange, but I just sort of went with it. I actually still love that bathroom.....wallpaper boarder and all! :)

This is the best! I was SOOOOO ready for Kacey's arrival here.....and I still went 3 weeks! I actually feel sorry for myself looking at this!

Looking back at all of this makes me miss my baby girl as a baby......but I absolutely LOVE the stage that she is in!


Friday, July 8, 2011

MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!



Birthday Cake Time Again.....

I am always in shock when my "baby girl" has a birthday coming up and this year is no different! We are getting ready to celebrate her 7th birthday in a few weeks, and she is beyond excited! She has picked to have her birthday party at a little girl's salon and I am sure it will be a super great time for her and her friends!

Kacey LOVES to pick out what her cake is going to look like....and then I do my best to try to make what she has requested!

I keep it a big surprise and don't show her the cake until right before her party! It has been a fun tradition!

I am NOT a baker.....but I still have fun with it!

Kacey with her cake last year! Blows my mind how big she is getting!

6th birthday cake at her Garden Tea Party

5th Birthday "Ariel Wedding Cake" at her pool party

4th Birthday I did my best to make Cinderella's Carriage.

3rd Birthday Cinderella cake.

I have a few ideas for her salon party......but she has requested....."a wedding cake, with nail polish and glitter". Good thing I have a few weeks to figure this out!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All American Weekend

We have been beyond busy this summer.....and this past weekend was no different.

After being gone for basically 3 full weeks....we enjoyed a fun family filled weekend around town. We all had a blast, and the kids are excited to be spending today doing absolutely nothing while I am spending the day screen printing and getting my shop back open in full swing!

there is just something about cotton candy that a little guy can't resist at the baseball field!

The 4th started out with breakfast of champions! ha!

I have made this cake every year since I was pregnant with Kacey....and this year the kids got to make and decorate it all by themselves. they were so proud!


We spend the entire day at my parents pool and it was great!

Thank goodness they love to play together! They are two little fish and could spend every day at the pool if we let them!

They have mastered the flip!

Nothing like watching fireworks with the family and great friends!!!!!!
Hope you all had a fun filled weekend as well!