Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can't believe it has been 10 years

I graduated from Radford University (in VA) 10 years ago this month! I am still in shock that it has really been that long!!!!!!!!!

I decided to put together a little list of the things that have stayed the same since the good old college days....just to make me feel like life hasn't changed too much! (yeah right!)

1-I still get to share my life with Chad! This has to be my favorite thing that has remained the same!

2-I still own the same snowboard jacket, gloves, and pants because living in florida....I just can't seem to part with it and buy a new one. sad sad sad.

3-It still makes me laugh that SOO many women think that a themed party is just an excuse to dress like they are still in college...aka...skimp on wearing clothes... (those outfits should be retired AS SOON AS YOU GRADUATE..NO MATTER HOW AMAZING YOU FEEL YOU looks silly)

4-I still want to order pizza after a few drinks....although now I am drinking wine instead of crap beer....and "late night pizza order" is now at 9:00

5-I catch myself watching TLC at lunch. I think that my tv in college only got TLC (hours upon hours of watching The Wedding Story and The Baby Story) and MTV to watch the Real World. ha!

6-I still turn to the gym or go for a run when I need time alone.

7-I keep in touch and remain great friends with so many of my college buds.....I love this!

8-A dream Saturday morning is still just staying in bed all day long....and waking up refreshed just in time for happy hour. (this no longer happens....but still sounds amazing)

9-Weekend road trips still make me beyond happy! (although now I pack juice boxes and share the car with my family.....instead of loading up the car with friends and crap food)

10-I still wait till Saturday to do laundry...even though I no longer have to wait in the hall laundry room for my loads to be finished to ensure that nobody takes my clothes.

It is kind of funny how I still can't believe that it has been 10 years ago that I graduated! Looking back I wouldn't change anything at all!

Too funny, I found this picture of my freshman side of my dorm room! hahaha! I loved that tapestry! I remember being so excited when Chad gave me the abercrombie poster (he worked there and they were getting rid of it), I thought it was so cool!
I am so glad I took this picture so that I can show my kids! There are no words that could describe this mess without this picture!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

The last few weeks have been super rough with my asthma and allergies in full swing...BUT after massive amounts of meds...I was all better and ready for an amazing Mother's Day weekend that my family had planned for me.

I am grateful every single day for being a mother to my two favorite people in the world....and even more thankful that I get to share them with my best friend. I honestly couldn't be more proud of the kids that I get to raise and spend each day with!

Mother's day weekend is always one of my favorites and this year was no different. Breakfast in bed....homemade cards and gifts......lots of love....long family bike ride......evening at my parents house by the pool...nap by the pool next to my mom.....LOVED IT ALL!!!!!

My favorite part has to be listening to Chad and the kids in the kitchen as they make breakfast and talk about how "surprised" I will be when they show me. It is the sweetest sound!!!!!

On mother's day I was also surprised with a NEW BIKE! I have wanted this bike for a while...and was super excited!

The kids have been riding bikes without training wheels for a while now.....and have been begging me to take them for rides after school, so we were all excited!

The hubby was a BMX bike racer when we were growing I think he might be the happiest with all of the bike rides that we have in our future!

We went on a four mile bike ride......without any complaining! I just need to put the big basket on the front so that we can carry more snacks and drinks for our rides!

I feel like one lucky lady!

Hope everyone else spent mother's day with the moms in their lives!