Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costume Rewind

I love Halloween...and costumes could possibly be my favorite part!!!!!!

I had fun today going back and looking at all of my babies costumes over the year!

Kacey's first Halloween.....A SKUNK! I thought it was super funny and I figured it was the only year I could pick out her costume so I went for it!

2005....Piglet. This year we lived in West Palm Beach and hadn't had power all week due to Hurricane Wilma. It was a blast!

2006 Kacey was in LOVE with Cinderella! Roxy too.

2007...Collin's first halloween (he was born the week after halloween in 2006) Cinderella AGAIN, Gus Gus, Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming.

2008: Collin was Captain Hook. I loved this costume!!!!!!!!!!

2008....Kacey wanted to be Cinderella AGAIN, but settled for Sleeping Beauty. :)

2009,..... Alice in Wonderland

2009....Collin was a golfer! I gave him the catalog and this was the only thing he wanted to be! :)

I love this picture! I made Chad a Caddy costume. :)

Can't wait to show their costumes this year! They both picked them out and I sewed them! Kacey actually picked out all the fabric and completely designed it, which was a really amazing thing to watch!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our very own Spooky Pumpkin Patch

My kids ask me DAILY......over and over.......if it is time for Collin's Halloween Birthday Party. I am thankful that I still have time to get things ready....but I wish it was here so that they would stop asking me! :)

I have been adding a new craft project for them every evening and they LOVE IT! My poor husband comes home to a new wall decorated each night, and we have decided that we are currently living in a Preschool classroom! But we are okay with it!

Sunday we made these Bats to hang on the wall. Collin is going to be a bat for halloween, so he was super excited about these guys!

I just cut them out of construction paper, folded them in half, and taped one side to the wall so that when the fan is on, it looks like they are flapping their wings.

(chad seriously let collin decorate with stickers as well....NOT my idea!)

Yesterday we decided to make a pumpkin patch on the wall. I cut out random sizes and let them go to town decorating the faces. They really enjoyed this one!

We are setting up a pumpkin patch in the yard for the party as well and letting the kids pick theirs out before decorating them!

I have no idea what project we are going to do today....they kids want to do ghosts but I am not sure if my walls can handle another project!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Shop Alert!

I recently was listed in a Treasury on Etsy with one of my new favorite shops! I always love it when people have cute soap out for their guests! I am stocking up on some of these for the holidays and all of the overnight guests that we are planning on having! Such a cute little gift!!!!!!

Check out the shop at KcSoapsNMore

These Macaron soaps seriously look good enough to eat!

I have a few people in mind for these super cute cupcake soaps!

I am making candy apples this week and I hope they turn out half as cute as these soap apples!

Love all of them!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Ghost Tutorial

I have wanted to make these ghosts for a few years....and finally did it!!!!!

This is such an easy project and it doesn't take long to dry so the kids didn't get bored!

Cheese cloth (found it at Joanns Fabric)

Liquid Fabric Starch

Toilet Paper rolls
(or paper towel rolls, milk jug, water bottles, depending on size you would like)

Tin Foil

bowl, bucket, or paint tray for dipping the cloth in starch

This is the brand that I used (from Walmart)

We just played around with the tin foil and this is what we ended up with

I dipped the cloth into the Liquid Starch and then placed over our forms until we were happy with the way they looked. We set them out in the sun for about 2 hours and they were done!!!!!!

We had planned a little Halloween dinner for Kacey's buddy on our street. They were all REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!

They might possibly be my favorite decorations! I am going to place them on the food table for Collin's Party!

We went shopping for all Halloween type foods......mainly sugar!

They had a really great time at their "Halloween Dinner" eating orange foods, dancing to spooky music, and discussing what they did at school that day! TOO CUTE!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In love with a Pumpkin

This past weekend we went to a cute Pumpkin Patch with the kids for fall pictures with Snidershots. I hadn't planned on getting pumpkins because I just purchased 30 small ones for Collin's upcoming birthday party.......BUT THEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH A GREEN PUMPKIN!

I couldn't pass it up.....and I couldn't tell my kid's NO to picking out their own after I had decided that I was getting one.

So we now have 3 beautiful pumpkins on our porch.....and I love them!

I think I might even use my front door this fall.....instead of always using garage door.

I added a new little wreath that I made to the door too!

Hope you are having as much fun as me decorating your home for the season!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Our home is looking Spooky....and it makes me VERY happy!

The kids and I have been trying to do at least one Halloween craft a week.

This past week we made a BOO sign! I have wanted to do this for a few seasons, but never really got around to it. I couldn't be happier with out the project turned out, and how much pride they take in helping!

This project cost me about $5, and I love how it turned out!

The letters are from Joanns Fabric. (they go on sale often!)

We had the paint from last year, so I didn't have to go out and pick any up.
Collin loves to paint, so he totally enjoyed it!

Kacey enjoys ANY craft and comes home from school daily to see what else I have planned for her to make!

I am really excited about how they turned out! The kids picked the designs and then I painted them. (They suggested me making a few more pumpkins.....but I ran out of paint!)


Boo Buckets.....ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember Boo Buckets from Mcdonalds??????

Well, I do! And I LOVED them! I LOVED that your meal came inside the bucket and that whenever they came out it meant Halloween was just around the corner!

I was BEYOND excited when I saw that they were BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got the kids all ready to go to the pumpkin patch and surprised them with a trip to McDonalds for these super cute buckets! (maybe I am a little too excited over these....but I just remember how much I LOVED them!)

THEY WERE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They now come with stickers to decorate Mr. Potato Head in all types of costumes!

Since it's Monday and cooking isn't so easy to do on Mondays....I say surprise the kids with a Boo Bucket!!!!!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

31 rocks!!!!!!!

I just celebrated my 31st birthday yesterday.....and it was GREAT!!!

I spent the morning at soccer games cheering on my two favorite players.........had a super fun girl's date with my mom while my hubby took the kids to a birthday party for their friend...........was told by TWO people that they guessed it was my 21st birthday..........spent the evening with, wine, cake, and my family by the pool.....followed by a golf cart ride to a really cool Haunted House in my parent's neighborhood!!!!!!! (will leave out the part that BOTH my camera and my mom's camera had dead batteries! SAD!)

Absolutely PERFECT!

I was so nervous last year about entering the "dreaded 30's"......but I have to say....I LOVE THEM!!!

For me I feel like I am SOO much more confident, able to choose the people that I enjoy spending my time with so much better, and realize that it is totally okay to ENJOY sitting around and doing nothing at all with my hubby and kids!

I am super excited that I have 9 years left in my 30's because I honestly ENJOY them!

My FAVORITE part of being born in October is that I have the most amazing fall decorations due to my generous friends and family! Yesterday I received this Galvanized Metal 3-Tier Stand from Pottery Barn, and I can not WAIT to stack tons of cupcakes on it for Collin's Halloween Birthday Party!

Be on the look out this week for a few cute Halloween decorating ideas!!!!!!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I have been SUPER busy lately between volunteering in Kacey's Class 2x a week, decorating the house for Halloween, Planning Collin's Halloween birthday party, getting ready for my first Craft Fair of the season, soccer games, keeping up with orders........and yet this is still my FAVORITE season! I just LOVE IT!

I added a few more pillow cases into my shop tonight, and I am REALLY excited about them!

I think they add the perfect touch to my new "fall makeover"!


Lemon and Lavender
is having a giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!
Visit Ashley's blog and enter to win 3 Pillow Cases from my shop!!!!!!!

Winner will be announced Monday October 18th :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Watch Dog

Roxy is our watch dog! She is 9 years old and full of life! I seriously consider her my first born child, and in my eyes she can do no wrong!

She is possibly the only dog that I know that seriously WATCHES tv!!!!! The kids were watching the Dalmatians....and Roxy was NOT LOVING IT! hahaha!

We have to make sure that Roxy is in her cage when Chad watches tennis or golf.....she wants to run into the TV and catch the ball!

This picture alone can brighten my day!!!!!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Evil can be so Beautiful!

Did you know that Mac has a NEW LINE of Evil Disney Characters Make up!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not a big fan of lots of make up on me....but I do LOVE all of their lip gloss and mascara! I can't wait to take a trip to check out this new line!

The packaging is soo cute!