Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costume Rewind

I love Halloween...and costumes could possibly be my favorite part!!!!!!

I had fun today going back and looking at all of my babies costumes over the year!

Kacey's first Halloween.....A SKUNK! I thought it was super funny and I figured it was the only year I could pick out her costume so I went for it!

2005....Piglet. This year we lived in West Palm Beach and hadn't had power all week due to Hurricane Wilma. It was a blast!

2006 Kacey was in LOVE with Cinderella! Roxy too.

2007...Collin's first halloween (he was born the week after halloween in 2006) Cinderella AGAIN, Gus Gus, Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming.

2008: Collin was Captain Hook. I loved this costume!!!!!!!!!!

2008....Kacey wanted to be Cinderella AGAIN, but settled for Sleeping Beauty. :)

2009,..... Alice in Wonderland

2009....Collin was a golfer! I gave him the catalog and this was the only thing he wanted to be! :)

I love this picture! I made Chad a Caddy costume. :)

Can't wait to show their costumes this year! They both picked them out and I sewed them! Kacey actually picked out all the fabric and completely designed it, which was a really amazing thing to watch!


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