Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Birthday Party

This past weekend was FULL of fun, friends, family......AND SUGAR!!!!!!

We Celebrated Collin's birthday a week early with a Halloween Birthday Bash...and he loved every min of it!!!!!!

Collin as the "Halloween Bat". We made his costume and he couldn't have been more proud!

He is not really into being the center of attention, but he listened to the Birthday song if it meant he could have his cupcake.

So proud of my little man!!!!!

We played the toilet paper mummy game.....it was so cute! and funny!

Decorated pumpkins that they picked from our little "pumpkin patch" we had set up in the corner of the yard. They were SERIOUS about pumpkin designing. ha!

FREEZE DANCE to Monster Mash! This was funny!

Chad and I dressed up as Where's Waldo! ha!

Fashion Fairytale Barbie and The big Halloween Bat

Collin wanted to be twins with his Grampy! They are too cute!

The tower of cupcakes!

We had a blast!!!!!!!
15 kids......loads of adults......lots of sugar.....and it was a total success!!!!!!!!!!!

Collin is already talking about his halloween party next year! yikes!!!!!


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3 Including Me... said...

Love the Wheres Waldo! What a great party!!