Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Pics....late

We had a WONDERFUL Halloween!!!!!! The day before we celebrated Collin's 4th birthday with a Halloween Costume Party....and had a total blast!

This year we went Trick Or Treating at my parents neighborhood. They are always so festive for every holiday and it is totally geared towards kids! My neighborhood has so many small kids that nobody really stays at their house to pass out it isn't nearly as fun!

There are long driveways so most of the people set up shop down at the bottom so that they can hang out and pass out candy! so cute! this is where my mom passed out candy for the night.

ha! I am one of the crazy people that lets my kids eat as much candy as they want on Halloween!

Chad and I were..."where's waldo". ha! It was SO much fun! I always dress up, I think my kids love it too!

Collin the Halloween Bat! He was super proud of the costume we made!

The night started with Trunk or Treat at their playground where the kids trick or treat at the golf carts and then had a fun halloween dinner! My dad was too cute with the kids!

My little Fashion Fairytale Barbie. She designed, picked out all of the fabrics, and instructed me on every step of making her costume! so cute!

Grammy the Witch and Kacey at Trunk or Treat!

ha!!!! Trick or Treating in the Golf Cart! They had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!


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