Tuesday, November 9, 2010

20 Things That Make Me Happy...

1. Spending as much time as possible with my kids and husband!
2. Watching my kids play with each other and knowing they get along so well
3. Having my sister and her family visit.
4. Spending all day at my parents house by their pool.
5. Going to Disney with my family and letting the kids plan whatever we do.
6. Wine
7. When Chad picks up Sushi and brings it home to eat while we watch a movie. (this happens several times a week)
8. Getting voice messages from my kids if I am not home when they are going to bed.
9. Pumpkin Swirl Bread that my mom makes! I have yet to attempt it because she spoils me every fall and makes it for us!
10. Going shopping all alone! I just take my time, and purchase what I really want strictly because I like it!
11. Watching old movies that my sister and I loved as kids.....with my kids!
12. White Sheets.....I will never own sheets that aren't white! They just feel so clean and cozy to me!
13. Same for White Towels. LOVE THEM!!!!!
14. Bleach (because I love everything white)
15. When Chad falls asleep on the couch and I can catch up on my shows that I have recorded.
16. Picking my kids up from school and they are just as excited to see me...as I am to see them.
17. I have loved the color turquoise before it was even fashionable.
18. Having sushi and wine nights with my girlfriends
19. When the power goes out and we sit around and play board games with candle lights.
20. This chilly weather we are having in Florida! LOVE it!!!!!


ASHLEY said...

Love it!!! We need a sushi night soon! Oh and Jeff picked up sushi for me tonight on his way home :)

Monica said...

I love wine too! AND Turquoise! :)

Anna Elder said...

i am totally copying this for tomorrow. and ill give you credit. :) such a good idea and something i haven't done in awhile.