Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

We have had a crazy busy few weeks!!!!!!!!

Flu that was passed around to each one of parties........visiting family in visiting us for Thanksgiving........celebrating Christmas early with family.........setting the house up........and just spending good quality time with my family!

Here is one week in pics....

Visiting Bubba in Orlando for the afternoon.

I was helping out with Kacey's Kindergarten class for their Thanksgiving Feast. Collin was invited too.....and he LOVED being in Kindergarten. It was soooo cute!!!!!!!!!

I made the entire meal by myself and was SOOO happy with how it all turned out! MMMM!

By the looks of would have thought they made the whole meal! ha!

We even made our own Butter!!!!!

I am thankful for this guy!

We celebrated Christmas early with Chad's mom and grandma....and Kacey got another American Girl doll! She was beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!

Our Elf On The Shelf, Brady, is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My silly little elf's helping us decorated the Christmas Tree!

They had a fun time remembering each ornament! Our tree is filled with ornaments that Chad and I received as kids.....ornaments that each one of us has made over the years (my FAVE is the paper ornament with Chad's 2nd grade picture on it!)......and I love all of the memories that each one holds!

I am pretty sure that Collin hung ALL of the ornaments in one spot! The tree almost fell over! ha!

I LOVE our angel! It is from Germany.....and is just like the one we had when I was little!

Hope your weekend was relaxing.....yet fun filled!


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Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

so fun, Katie!!! xoxox

PS - the entire THanksgiving meal by yourself!? You amaze me, girl!