Monday, February 28, 2011

thank you...thank you!

Thank you so much for the help with my redecorating process! I received great emails and comments on ideas for our living/dining room!

I found some great pictures that I LOVE and have been spray painting away ALL weekend! I love seeing a plan come together!!!!!!!!

Pictures of my room to come! (we also are having our tv mounted over the dresser that I purchased off of craigslist and refinished! busy busy!)

love the white with pops of color! Looks so relaxing and inviting!

Excuse the Christmas tree....but I love the pops of red and blue! Great way to tie in my fave color with my red farm table!


Friday, February 25, 2011

I've been Rearranging....

Kacey is at school today...and my mom took Collin on a date to see a movie.....which means that I have had some time to screen print and rearrange.

I love how things are coming along in my home.....
except that I feel that I have an awful lot of "goldish", and I am not a "goldish" person....AT ALL.

Should I get out the spray paint and go to town on all of my frames? Mirrors? Clocks?

I am going for more of a "relaxed/beachy/cozy/family" feel......and this just isn't screaming any of that!


This is our dining room. I have grown to love the red legs on the farm table. Once I FINALLY decide on the color of wood floors...I think it will really look great!

I purchased this hutch off of craigslist...and I really love it. I origionally bought it to paint....but then I got a little nervous about changing it.

This is a new addition! I am still deciding on knobs......and will do a post about how this baby has transformed over the past 6 months.

A whole different problem is.........what to hang over my bed!!!!!!!! I wanted to do three matching frames.......but didn't want to take away from the arch in the headboard. Please excuse the bright blue paint tape that I hung them up with while I took the picture.

Do they work?!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend In Pics...

I love the weekends!
I love spending it with my this beautiful weather we have been having!
This weekend was busy....but totally amazing!

Golfing with the kids, Chad, and my dad! My kids just love being outside and learning new sports!

Kacey is too cute! She did a great job, but I honestly think she liked raking the sand the best! ha!

I am one of "those moms" that let their kids pick out their outfits! I think they love it....and I love looking at how proud they are! I mean....of course orange crocs are perfect for golf!

Kacey and Grampy! (my dad!) I just love this picture!

We headed out to Daytona to watch the 500! We have been for 3 years now....staying on the infield!
I am not a Nascar girl....but I do love a great family weekend!

Chad's family rents an RV every year on turn two.....and it is honestly the BEST seat in the whole place! We sit ON TOP of the RV and watch the race!

My kids enjoying the race! Yes, we are THAT close! It is SOOOO loud, but really fun!

My Crew

Collin was TOTALLY into it! He wouldn't take his eyes off of the cars! He absolutely LOVED it!

I hope that your weekend was amazing too!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bathroom Art

I love my kid's bathroom! It is a bright turquoise with white accents, and I think it feels so fresh and beachy.

I purchased 6 mini paintings from Lollipopart on etsy and had a vision of hanging them all in matching white frames.

I have been on the search for a while...and didn't have any luck at all!

I went into Michaels the other day and realized that the $1 frames fit!!!!!!!!

With a few coats of white spray paint.....laminating each photo (the frames do not come with glass, and being a bathroom I wanted to protect them from water).....and hanging them on the wall.....I AM BEYOND THRILLED!

I am now on the search for a wooden basket that I can paint and stick on the top of the toilet.

I love the lollipopart...but you could easily do this with your kid's drawings, clipart, or pictures from their favorite books!

For under $10 you can fix up the space and it isn't a big deal to switch out the images as they grow older and want to change things up a bit.

have a great day!!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day

This was a SUPER weekend filled with family, friends and tons of fun!

My hubby and I hardly ever go on dates! We just kind of feel like after we put our kids to bed at 7:30, we have a date night EVERY when the weekend comes and we think about going out for dinner we just would rather bring the kids along with us.

We did go on a date this friday, for sushi, and it was nice.
I just love spending time with Chad, no matter where we go!

Totally forgot to take my driving glasses off. ha!

This guy has been my valentine for 13 years! And that makes me feel old....and super lucky!

Our Valentines breakfast was pink pancakes! They were surprisingly VERY good!

Hope your Valentines day is full of and red spent with your favorites!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

A touch of Color

It is a gloomy/rainy day here in Florida and I am dreaming of a touch of color!

I found this picture a while ago and love how they updated the bottom of a plain white curtain with just a bit of color.

I love it!

I think it is a great way to customize my new all white curtains in the living if I could just get caught up on orders....finish painting the new tv console that I got for my family room....mount the tv over the new table.....and remember to put dinner on the table each night.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dreaming of The Beach

Today I am wishing that I was on the beach....with my magazines......and a cold drink.

Instead....I am heading out to Kacey's school to volunteer in her classroom (I go every tuesday and thursday while Collin is in preschool). I look forward to it.......yet it doesn't seem as enjoyable today as the beach.


Monday, February 7, 2011

I am in love with Craig

This weekend my hubby went and picked up this piece that I found on Craigslist!

It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for to mount our TV over in the living room!

I just left home depot where I stocked up on primer, cleaner, brushes and paint swatches!

My goal is to be staring at this baby painted either white or light light turquoise by this saturday!



Friday, February 4, 2011

My Cheers

Chad and I have always wanted to have a place to go where they know our name when we walk in....know what we like to order.....they write little notes and give us free goodies when we pick up our orders to go....they always ask how are kids are doing when we go on date nights.....and I have never had a bad meal there. WE FINALLY HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just had NO idea that it would be at a Sushi restaurant!

If you live in Tampa area.....look up Bonsai Sushi...and thank me later!

We eat there once a week......order dinner from there AT LEAST once a week.....and it is the one place that I always request!

This is my fave roll!!!!!!!!
If you are what you eat......I am this!
We laugh because I order the "rising sun" and my hubby orders "the sexy man" roll.
I still giggle when I order and they say, "okay, you want one sexy man?!" haha

My kids even love it there!
(yes, they bring their own chopsticks! too cute!)

We finally found our very own "Cheers"!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stylish Blogger

I have the most talented friends! My fab friend, Ashley from Lemon and Lavender sent over a Stylish Blogger award to me, and I think it is super fun! I LOVE Ashley's style and all of the amazing work that she does! She is a girl that appreciates good wine, espresso, style, her family, and her could you go wrong with a friend like that?!

These stir sticks are too cute! I have to continue to Sip...and Repeat if your stir stick is telling you to!

Here are 7 Random facts about me....
1-I don't LOVE food.....but I could seriously eat Sushi EVERY single night of the week!
2-I am a total homebody, and have always been that way!
3-I have lived in my home for almost 4 years and I do not feel as though any room is "finished"
4-I could go to TJ Maxx on a daily basis and never get sick of looking around
5-I actually enjoy running, alone.
6-I am pretty sure I have an obsession with my NookColor.....and I am okay with it
7-I dream of living in a house ON the a small town......and owning a turquoise bike with a basket (what.....a girl can dream!)


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Burlap Love

Some New Burlap goodies in my shop!

Check them out and enjoy!

I am adding a few of these to my back porch!