Friday, February 25, 2011

I've been Rearranging....

Kacey is at school today...and my mom took Collin on a date to see a movie.....which means that I have had some time to screen print and rearrange.

I love how things are coming along in my home.....
except that I feel that I have an awful lot of "goldish", and I am not a "goldish" person....AT ALL.

Should I get out the spray paint and go to town on all of my frames? Mirrors? Clocks?

I am going for more of a "relaxed/beachy/cozy/family" feel......and this just isn't screaming any of that!


This is our dining room. I have grown to love the red legs on the farm table. Once I FINALLY decide on the color of wood floors...I think it will really look great!

I purchased this hutch off of craigslist...and I really love it. I origionally bought it to paint....but then I got a little nervous about changing it.

This is a new addition! I am still deciding on knobs......and will do a post about how this baby has transformed over the past 6 months.

A whole different problem is.........what to hang over my bed!!!!!!!! I wanted to do three matching frames.......but didn't want to take away from the arch in the headboard. Please excuse the bright blue paint tape that I hung them up with while I took the picture.

Do they work?!



Maria Snider said...

Katie, Yes, spry paint. Whites, creams and teals give that beachy feel. Above your bed, I would do a very simple square but not exactly a square collage of photos. Hope it helps!

Margaret said...

OoOh I love a good re-arrange. Let's see. For the dining room:
How do you feel about spray painting the chandelier- making a cover for the cord and doing a natural fiber on the lampshades, like a burlap? OR if you dont want to re-do the lampshades, maybe just glue some jute twine or trim around the edges to give them some interest and texture?

I think the mirror is a prime candidate for painting. Maybe a white with a black glaze? Or a distressed pale pale almost white blue?

The blue console table: BEAUTIFUL. Just perfect. I adore. Can't wait to see what knobs you put on. I've seen antique applique pulls spray painted a saturated color, like white- I've been dying to try that.

Bedroom- First. Awesome headboard- did you make that? I like grouping of three, it highlights the arch of the headboard and doesn't take away from it. What other things were you thinking for above the bed?

Can't wait to see what you do!

Sugar & Spackle

Kim @ It's a Crafty Life said...

I definitely would vote for painting the mirror, maybe a nice beachy teal/blue? It would really give a great shot of color! I like the stars over the bed, but I also would like frames, I don't think the squares would take away from the arch, but that's just me. Also, I love that hutch, what a find! :-) I get nervous about painting things too, ha! Can't wait to see what you do!

Anonymous said...

Paint the chandellier WHITE!!! So beachy. Over your bed maybe a mirror with a ornate frame distressed chippy cream paint???