Friday, February 4, 2011

My Cheers

Chad and I have always wanted to have a place to go where they know our name when we walk in....know what we like to order.....they write little notes and give us free goodies when we pick up our orders to go....they always ask how are kids are doing when we go on date nights.....and I have never had a bad meal there. WE FINALLY HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just had NO idea that it would be at a Sushi restaurant!

If you live in Tampa area.....look up Bonsai Sushi...and thank me later!

We eat there once a week......order dinner from there AT LEAST once a week.....and it is the one place that I always request!

This is my fave roll!!!!!!!!
If you are what you eat......I am this!
We laugh because I order the "rising sun" and my hubby orders "the sexy man" roll.
I still giggle when I order and they say, "okay, you want one sexy man?!" haha

My kids even love it there!
(yes, they bring their own chopsticks! too cute!)

We finally found our very own "Cheers"!


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Amanda said...

we're headed down to Sarasota next week to visit my dad and family for a week and will be flying into Tampa, AND i've been craving sushi! thanks for sharing... i'll let you know if we make it over to Bonsai Sushi!

*i hope we do*