Friday, October 22, 2010

Ghost Tutorial

I have wanted to make these ghosts for a few years....and finally did it!!!!!

This is such an easy project and it doesn't take long to dry so the kids didn't get bored!

Cheese cloth (found it at Joanns Fabric)

Liquid Fabric Starch

Toilet Paper rolls
(or paper towel rolls, milk jug, water bottles, depending on size you would like)

Tin Foil

bowl, bucket, or paint tray for dipping the cloth in starch

This is the brand that I used (from Walmart)

We just played around with the tin foil and this is what we ended up with

I dipped the cloth into the Liquid Starch and then placed over our forms until we were happy with the way they looked. We set them out in the sun for about 2 hours and they were done!!!!!!

We had planned a little Halloween dinner for Kacey's buddy on our street. They were all REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!

They might possibly be my favorite decorations! I am going to place them on the food table for Collin's Party!

We went shopping for all Halloween type foods......mainly sugar!

They had a really great time at their "Halloween Dinner" eating orange foods, dancing to spooky music, and discussing what they did at school that day! TOO CUTE!!!

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