Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In love with a Pumpkin

This past weekend we went to a cute Pumpkin Patch with the kids for fall pictures with Snidershots. I hadn't planned on getting pumpkins because I just purchased 30 small ones for Collin's upcoming birthday party.......BUT THEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH A GREEN PUMPKIN!

I couldn't pass it up.....and I couldn't tell my kid's NO to picking out their own after I had decided that I was getting one.

So we now have 3 beautiful pumpkins on our porch.....and I love them!

I think I might even use my front door this fall.....instead of always using garage door.

I added a new little wreath that I made to the door too!

Hope you are having as much fun as me decorating your home for the season!!!!!


Yvette said...

I bought a green pumpkin this weekend, too! I love it! Your front porch looks so much like mine, it's scary! Are you in Pasco County?

Katie said...

Love it! Green and white pumpkins are my fave!!

3 Including Me... said...

FANTASTIC wreath! Love it.. i made a new one for fall this year too! And the pumpkin is great, i love when they have so much character!

Kristin said...

WHERE did you get that silvery pumpkin? So awesome!