Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our very own Spooky Pumpkin Patch

My kids ask me DAILY......over and over.......if it is time for Collin's Halloween Birthday Party. I am thankful that I still have time to get things ready....but I wish it was here so that they would stop asking me! :)

I have been adding a new craft project for them every evening and they LOVE IT! My poor husband comes home to a new wall decorated each night, and we have decided that we are currently living in a Preschool classroom! But we are okay with it!

Sunday we made these Bats to hang on the wall. Collin is going to be a bat for halloween, so he was super excited about these guys!

I just cut them out of construction paper, folded them in half, and taped one side to the wall so that when the fan is on, it looks like they are flapping their wings.

(chad seriously let collin decorate with stickers as well....NOT my idea!)

Yesterday we decided to make a pumpkin patch on the wall. I cut out random sizes and let them go to town decorating the faces. They really enjoyed this one!

We are setting up a pumpkin patch in the yard for the party as well and letting the kids pick theirs out before decorating them!

I have no idea what project we are going to do today....they kids want to do ghosts but I am not sure if my walls can handle another project!


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ASHLEY said...

I love it! Katie you are so crafty!