Monday, October 18, 2010

Boo Buckets.....ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember Boo Buckets from Mcdonalds??????

Well, I do! And I LOVED them! I LOVED that your meal came inside the bucket and that whenever they came out it meant Halloween was just around the corner!

I was BEYOND excited when I saw that they were BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got the kids all ready to go to the pumpkin patch and surprised them with a trip to McDonalds for these super cute buckets! (maybe I am a little too excited over these....but I just remember how much I LOVED them!)

THEY WERE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They now come with stickers to decorate Mr. Potato Head in all types of costumes!

Since it's Monday and cooking isn't so easy to do on Mondays....I say surprise the kids with a Boo Bucket!!!!!!!



Dawn said...

I hope they have them in Hawaii! Ben seems a lil freaked out by all the halloween decor, so we are trying to expose him to all the fun things before Oct. 31!

ASHLEY said...

I totally surprised the kids with boo buckets tonight ;)