Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seven Years.....REALLY?!

It absolutely blows my mind how fast time flies by with kids! I am slightly in shock that my baby girl is turning 7 this coming weekend! I have NO idea how this happened.....how she is almost 7....and how I am the mother of a 7 year old! How!?!

I love love looking back at pictures of the past seven years.....and especially around my kid's birthdays! I love to see how we prepared for their arrival, how we were so excited and didn't even know them yet! I love seeing their baby faces as they change and grow, and how happy they make us! Pictures are my all time favorite thing!

These pictures make me smile! I was JUST married........a new homeowner.......and far far away from family when I was pregnant with my little Kacey and these pictures just make me smile!

I was 15 weeks pregnant in this picture....and I already knew I was having a little girl! It is soo funny because I totally thought I was "showing" at this time. ha!

29 weeks. I LOVED being pregnant and my big belly! Kacey was SOOOOOO active in my stomach and Chad and I would sit for hours just watching her move and talking to her!

Chad and my dad worked so hard on Kacey's room and I would just stand there and watch!

It was actually kind of funny watching them!

My little nursery! I used to spend hours laying in here just looking around! I loved it!

This was Kacey's room until she was almost 3!

Her bathroom! I was a little nervous about painting it bright orange, but I just sort of went with it. I actually still love that bathroom.....wallpaper boarder and all! :)

This is the best! I was SOOOOO ready for Kacey's arrival here.....and I still went 3 weeks! I actually feel sorry for myself looking at this!

Looking back at all of this makes me miss my baby girl as a baby......but I absolutely LOVE the stage that she is in!


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Bring Pretty Back said...

Awwww! How cute are you! Sweet memories. My three sons are 24,22 and 19. And I can not not not believe they are all adults!
Time flies -too quickly!
Have a pretty day!