Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I miss you

We spent an AMAZING week in Aruba...and I want to go back!
The weather is beautiful! The people are possibly the nicest I have ever met! And I never wanted to leave!

Such a beautiful view!

Thumbs up to Aruba!

My little surfer boy!

Beach beauty

Banana Hammock! (I have an embarrassing amount of these pics on my camera from the week! Some things will always make me laugh...and I am okay with that!)

Banana boat....not as funny as a banana Hammock....but definitely super fun time!

We snorkled a few times, and the kids absolutely LOVE it!

Jeep Tour!

Breath Taking view of the natural bridge

My family! Love how adventurous they are!

My man!

this cave was soo cool! (and I am grateful we did not see any bats while in there!)

Ha! Poor guy didn't have kid's sizes at this place.

Love this pic!

Dinner in town! (collin bought a drum with his money and I don't think he has stopped drumming since!)

Really....he hasn't stopped drumming! ha!

Going out deep sea fishing!

We were all super excited......till we got about 5 miles out and the waves grew. Let's just say it was a mess and this family will not ever go deep sea fishing again! ugh!

Not a care in the world on vacation!

Amazing sunset dinner ON the beach! A girl could get used to this!!!!!

My little family....happy as can be!

My love! We haven't stopped talking about when we can go back!

This is the sign of a great vacation!!!!!!

I am super sad that school starts in less than two weeks and I won't be able to spend all day with my little buds. We are going to be super busy finishing up our NO BUMMER SUMMER list!!!!!!


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Shannon said...

I definitely want to go now! Your pictures are beautiful and look how blue that water pretty :)