Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I purchased this Tree last year and it is super small! It was going to be our 2nd tree and we would get a real one for our living room!
I kind of fell in love with it...and didn't want to add a new one this year!

We don't have a theme.....or a color pattern at all for our tree!

It is an old filled tree! just my style!
(no idea why this is underlined....can't switch it)

Love seeing the the pictures of my kids and all of the handmade ornaments on the tree!

Collin was only a few weeks old in his first Christmas pictures......and it makes me miss having babies around just looking at this! (NOT enough for a 3rd child though....just saying I miss it!)

I have every Swarovski Crystal ornament from the past 8 years! One day I am going to put a small tree together with just those beautiful ornaments! They just glow!

It is sooo fun that Chad and I both grew up with Family trees as well! We both were given all of our childhood ornaments when we got married....and they make me sooo happy!
This was my first Christmas ornament!

I think out of all of the ornaments on our tree.......the paper ornament Chad made with his picture is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!! He is SOOO cute......and I actually knew him at this age! So it just brings back so many wonderful memories!

This is the ornament that I bought this year from Pottery Barn! I just love it!

Our angel is from Germany! I lived in Germany for 4 years growing up......and we had a very similar angel on our tree growing up! I was given this BEAUTIFUL wax angel for our wedding and it is SOO special!
Christmas in Germany is the BEST! Absolutely beautiful and I love that I have a piece of it on our tree!

I hope you all are enjoying all of the many memories and traditions that this season brings!!!!


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