Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No Bummer Summer

For the past three summers we have made a "List of Things to do" and have included all of the fun activities that each one of us want to do before school starts back up.
It is one of my favorite things to sit down and brainstorm about....and this year was no different. We have a BUNCH of adventures ahead of us this summer and I can't wait!!!!!

We started our summer on a family vacation to South Carolina. It was a TOTAL BLAST! Chad and I had our first apartment together there..so it was fun to check out our old stomping grounds with the kids!
Here is our week in pics....

The weather was AMAZING!!!!!!!

Chad and I hosted a Mexican Fiesta dinner with fajitas...rice and beans...beergaritas...and lots of laughs.

We listed a water park visit on our "no bummer summer list"...and it was SOO MUCH FUN! Both of the kids went down every slide and had a blast!

Date night with the family!

The best crab cakes I have EVER had at dinner out with the family! MMMMM...I would take the 9 hour drive again just to have another taste!

Collin stepped in a little at a time and "accidentally" got all wet on our night beach walk. ha!

We had our own pool in the back of our beach house. It was amazing!

My little fearless fish!

I am so grateful I have two water babies!

Hanging out with my sister in law! so fun!

We both have the same "go to" silly face move. ha!

Love her!!!!!

My boys! Collin was beyond thrilled to have his daddy home from work for the week!

Coolest building ever! It was like an arcade, fun house, science museum....all in one!

Ballers! ha!

Collin added "find somewhere to go snowboarding" on our summer to do list....we all laughed until he found a snowboard video game. he was beyond excited and gave us his best "TOLD YOU I WOULD GO SNOWBOARDING IN THE SUMMER" look.

I have no idea how these things work!

We had the best week and it was a great way to kick off our summer of fun!



ASHLEY said...

What a fun trip!!!!

Young People in Love said...

WOAH. THat beach house looks soooo magical! What an amazing place to stay!