Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's been a while...

I have been an awful blogger....and I am so sad about it! I thought that the two hours of "kid free" time each day while my kids are at school would allow me to be so on top of everything.......but instead I have volunteered in the classes.....volunteered in the library......volunteered to help friends.....and basically given away most of my free time! I guess it will have to wait until next year when both of my kids are in elementary school. :)

Since I have last blogged my best friend and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! I honestly feel like we have just been married forever and so I was shocked to realize it has only been 8 little years! I feel SOOO lucky that I get to live with my best friend, share our kids with my best friend, and grow old with my best friend. Chad and I used to talk on the phone daily in high school and talk about how crazy it would be if we really ended up getting married and got to grow old with each lucky are we that our dream came true!?!

In honor of our anniversary......we decided to run a half marathon together. Crazy right?! It has actually been a super fun plan! We were originally planning on running the race in october...but it filled up faster than we had thought. we are running the race in February. We are soooo ready, and having a great time training for it! Such a fun gift/celebration for us. Running 13 miles is kind of like a marriage.....some miles suck.....some fly by.....but the feeling you get from it is absolutely amazing and worth all of the training that goes into it!

Our kids seriously slept with crayons and paper under their pillows......woke up early.....made cards....made us yogurt and cereal in bed.....and were SOOO proud of themselves! Such a super proud moment when we can sit back and realize that everything up until this point has lead us to raise two super sweet and amazingly thoughtful kids! Makes it all soo worth it!

Kacey is too cute.....she always calls us her "love birds". ha!

Collin must think that we wear transparent clothing.....wonderful. :)

I am working on a few posts of halloween party/decorating ideas. We are getting ready to have Collin's 5th Birthday.....Halloween Style! I am so excited....and he comes up with new games and spooky ideas daily. I LOVE YOU OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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