Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nate Berkus Love

It is no secret that I LOVE Nate Berkus! I love his line for the home, I loved him on Oprah, I love his show, I love it all! I have recorded every single show that he has been on and I watch them daily! I watch for inspiration, tricks, new styles, and also with my fingers crossed that One day I would see one of my pillow cases sitting on a couch!!!!!!!!!

THIS CAME TRUE YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never hit the Pause button so fast in my life!!!!!!!

I have followed Tamara's blog from the very beginning and have watched her transform her home into such an amazing beauty! It was no shock that she would be featured on "House Proud" yesterday on his first show of the season! The shock was when I realized that she had purchased one of my Paris Address cases for her amazingly recovered sofa!!!!!!!

Just to make things even more exciting...I checked out the Nate Berkus Show site and saw my pillow as the main image! I feel like a proud mama! :)

I will now describe this Paris Address Case as the "As Seen On The Nate Berkas Show Paris Address Pillow Case" haha!

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