Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Make Your Own Bug Spray

I absolutely HATE bug bites because my kids and I have a bad reaction to them! This past summer we spent a week in South Carolina and anyone who has ever been there in the summer knows that there are millions of mosquitoes that come out at sundown.

My husband's aunt told us about the BEST BUG SPRAY EVER....and we are in love!

Just mix half and half of water and gold Listerine (any brand will do...we picked this up while in South Carolina and it works great!)

It is great with kids because I don't have to worry about them getting chemicals in their clothes or their bed after spraying them down.

I am sure that anyone up North is not worried about bug bites during the end of January....but we are covered in bites after soccer practice last night so I decided to mix up a new batch of spray!


Om Shanti said...

To make own bug spray,really good idea.Thank you.

femdom uk said...

It is very good bug spray, definitely. I will try it.

Lucile Lynch said...

I really prefer making my own bug spray. You can never tell when the effects of chemicals would take effect on your body. At least this way, I can control the materials that I use. On another note, how does this spray affect the environment? I suppose it creates a fresh atmosphere in your home.