Monday, February 13, 2012

Girlie Room Redo

I have been pinning like a crazy lady planning Kacey's room makeover! Pinning by myself is fun, pinning with a 7 year old sitting next to me and showing me exactly what she wants her room to look stressful! Stressful because I seriously have my work cut out for me!

This is the "feel" that she wants her room to have! ha!

She wants this style of bed, in either turquoise or white. I am excited about this because her bed will have to go in front of her window and I think this will work out great!

She is still deciding on a white, turquoise, pink, or hot pink dresser. It is hard "working" for an indecisive 7 year old . :)

She is not into stripes on the wall.....but she said she wants those curtains!

I am honestly SOOOOOOOOO excited about this room makeover! It has been fun shopping and picking out some goodies for her room! Hopefully it will be done within the next few weeks! (it isn't easy fitting in time with 7 different practices and games a week between two kids! Yikes!)

More pics to come!

all images are from pinterest

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