Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Summer Via Instagram

 My little man was picked as Student of the year!!!!!! He is a rule follower and was super proud of himself, and we were too!
 Kacey made the Travel Soccer Team and we are super stoked to watch her learn and play! Some of my all time favorite memories were going out of town for soccer tournaments with my team!
 We are still slightly in shock that our baby has graduated preschool! Where on earth has my little boy gone?
 So proud of this little guy!
 We are loving the new summer decor from our new shop, SaseaDecor I think my fave is the anchor.
 Making Silhouettes has been on my "to do" list for a few years, and I finally got around to making them. It is actually crazy how much Kacey and I look alike here, and Chad and Collin are pretty much always twins.
 My hubby went to get our oil changed in my old Armada...and came home with a new one. He is CRAZY! I love it, but just wishing that it wasn't black, not really a fan of the color....but love the car!
 We spent father's day at the beach celebrating Chad! He is such an amazing dad and my kids are madly in love with him! Collin wants to grow up and "be a dad just like him".  So grateful that my kids get to grow up with him as their dad, and I get to be his partner through it all.
 A little water polo with Grampy.  These two are too cute together!
 Collin mastered blowing a "bubble inside of a bubble".  It was on his to do list for the summer, and he has gone through several packs of gum and figured it out. ha!
 Our fave after pool snack is smoothies. I think we could have them daily and never get sick of them! mmm!
We rarely get date nights....but we go on family dates often! They are our favorite and I am sure that the rest of the summer will be filled with many more!

Hope your summer is shaping up to be a great one!!!!!


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