Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boo....I am back!

I have been an awful blogger for the past couple of months....and I am hoping that I am going to do a much better job going forward!
Things have been absolutely crazy around here lately! Here is a quick recap to catch up so that I can start updating the blog with a few new tutorials and exciting news.......

 Chad and Collin started racing BMX bikes (Chad used to be BIG TIME into it when he was growing up and I used to go and watch him as kids).  Collin is in love with the sport and we were all loving it....UNTIL CHAD HAD A WRECK! He broke his left hand and wrist, shattered his right elbow, and bruised his ribs. OUCH! Huge wake up call that we aren't 18 anymore and we don't bounce well after falling.
 Chad had surgery to put the puzzle pieces in his elbow back together....and it turned out he had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and did not wake up or breath correctly for 4 hours after surgery! EEK! Now that we know the is much better! He has already had two surgeries and has at least one more to go! Thank goodness he is the BEST patient EVER and hasn't complained at all.
 The kids started school (second and kindergarten) and they really are having a great time!

 We took a MUCH needed trip to Daytona to get out of the house and have a break from all of the crap that comes along with having surgeries and a ton of Dr appointments for Chad's arms. Total Blast! Ferris Wheel, Salt Water Taffy, Boardwalk, Ice Cream shops, Water Parks.....and just a super fun old fashion beach weekend!
 I have added a few new pillow cases and table runners into our new shop! I might slightly be obsessed with Halloween!
 Chad and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary! It honestly feels like just yesterday we were getting married! I have no idea how it has been 9 years and we are the parents of an 8 year old and almost 6 year old! I am just SO grateful that I get to go through this life with Chad! I honestly couldn't ask for a better really does just keep getting better!
 Chad took us all to the Redskins VS Buccaneers game! We had a blast with at least 35 friends from Virginia tailgating and just catching up!
 NEW wedding/anniversary/Initial pillow cases were added to the shop! Super great wedding gift! You choose the colors.....and I paint and sew the pillow case to match!
And just this week....COLLIN WAS PICKED TO BE STUDENT OF THE MONTH! He is such a super student and kid and it just makes me feel so proud knowing that his teacher sees this as well! His big sister has gotten this award every year, so he couldn't have been more excited to be in this spotlight!

Collin also was super excited to get back into BMX we are back to being at the track! I was SO nervous his first race and instead of screaming "go faster" the entire race, Kacey was screaming "SLOW DOWN COLLIN".  We have now gotten over our fear (or at least are pretending to be over it) and are excited!

Okay.....that pretty much has me all caught up! I have done all of this crazy stuff with MONO! I seriously just found out that I have had mono for about 2 months now......without knowing it! I thought I was just being super lazy, so I feel much better knowing that I have accomplished so much while sick!

I have some exciting news coming up about our pillow be on the lookout!


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