Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today started out rough because I sold my kids crib and high chair at a yard sale....making it all so true that I am done with having babies. I was so sad, but felt better knowing it was going to a mother expecting twin boys...while having a 9 month old little girl at home! yikes!

To celebrate our great sale, I went on a date with my mom to downtown Dade City for lunch and some antique shopping. I have never had much luck at those stores because it is all WAY over priced and not really my style. EXCEPT FOR TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I purchased the BEST chair EVER. A chair that I had literally cut out an EXACT picture of almost 2 years ago!!!!! It was originally $200, and marked down and down. They were now asking $75 and after a full day of people trying to lower my prices at my yard sale....I decided to ask for a deal at $50. (this took some serious coaching from my mom) I GOT THE CHAIR FOR $60 AND I HAVE BEEN SMILING ALLLLLLL DAY LONG!!!!!

I feel better about selling my crib and saying bye to my last big baby item because I have just upgraded to the best chair in my house!!!!!!!

I also found pillows that I HAD to have the other day, but was NOT GOING TO PAY $50 a pillow.... so I created my own. Check them out at

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Tara said...

Katie that is a great chair, I love it with the cane so neat! and good job a good deal! I also like the pattern you have here on your blog, I am going to check out your shop now! :)