Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I will admit it... I am a craft pusher. :) My kids LOVE making things (kacey more so than Collin) and ESPECIALLY love it when they can eat what they make (Collin more so than Kacey). Which is why I jumped for joy when I saw a kit for making Candy Necklaces at Michaels the other day!!!! THE PERFECT KID CRAFT! I bought enough to pass out to Kacey's class, and to keep in my "secret stash" in case I need to keep the kids quiet and busy for a bit while I complete a craft or two myself.

Kacey carefully put together a pattern on her necklace and strung each one piece by piece....while Collin just ate each piece directly out of the bag. Either way, they both LOVED it and I was able to make a few orders to mail out. That is my definition of a successful day!!!!!

Tomorrow I will be posting pictures of some new items that I have been working on!!!! Also, check out http://www.stampincafe.blogspot.com/ and see the SUPER CUTE Valentines Day gift idea that my sister made for all of my niece's teachers!!! LOVE IT! (and hoping that I receive one in the mail on Saturday from my big sister!!!)


Tamstyles said...

Thanks for following my blog! I hope you like the read. Its me.

Kasey said...

I love that your daughters name is the same is mine.