Thursday, February 12, 2009

yeah for naps!!!!

Collin took a great nap today, and I was able to enjoy some much needed craft time! Kacey nicely glittered every paper she could get her hands on, while I sewed my little heart out making as many dish towels as I could possibly make before I heard, "mom, I am up" coming from Collin's room.
I managed to get all of it done, and listed on before he got up!!! love that little guy!!!!

Check out the grouping of frames and blocks that I made and distressed! I can't wait to hang these up and enjoy them!!!

This one was a special order from a wonderful etsy customer, and I think I just might make one for myself too. (or keep this one, and make another to mail out. :)

I got an order yesterday for this soft little blanket for a new baby boy in California! I miss having babies around the house. (not enough to go for baby number three!! :)
Hope you all had a nice productive day! Hopefully I will be able to get some pillows up tomorrow or tonight! ENJOY!!!!