Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Celeb Style Crush....

I am a reality TV Junkie! I know....so sad! But I LOVE IT! I am reminded by my husband DAILY that I am too old to care sooo much about other people's lives like this....but I am drawn to it!

I have to admit that I LOVE Tori and Dean's show on Oxygen! I just LOVE her style of decorating....her being a mom....and it making me feel like I am NOT BUSY at all because she has her hands in SOOO many things! (also makes me feel like I am broke and that I only dream of decorating with the style that she does)

Anway....I LOVE her house! I could only come across pictures of her old bedroom (yikes...sounds stalkerish) but I LOVE IT! I love how it is so romantic....yet inviting. I painted our walls the same shade a while back and have been dreaming of making my own headboard! I was aiming towards white......but this has me thrown for a loop!

Her furniture is AMAZING!!!!! She painted her new bedroom the same shade with the same furniture....but it has a more RELAXED vibe due to the HUGE pictures she has blown up of her kids. That is what I want to do!!!!

This room is SOOO cute for a little boy! I love it! Actually......if I were still 16....I would want this room! (not so much the crib, but the rest of it would stay)

I LOVE what she did with the frames going up the stairs!!!!! This is why I REFUSE to throw away ANY of my frames. (my husband says I have a slight obsession with frames and that I could never possibly put them all up........but this wall should just about use up all of my collection)

LOVE IT!!!!!!

I also read on OK! Magazine that she just recently purchased a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster and had it framed. (now I am REALLY sounding a bit stalkerish) I have been wanting one for my bathroom....and might just take the splurge. I am going to have to come up with a size that I want....and then hit up etsy to pick one up. (just search "keep calm and carry on" and LOADS of them show up on etsy)

Okay....now off to catch up on my DVR and all of my reality shows that are waiting for me! :)


Tamstyles said...

i love tori! and dean..and the kids...

Simply Me Art said...

I Love that show, we have been Tivoing it for a few seasons. There house is beautiful, I love there bedroom too. Her kids are adorable and she and her hubby crack me up! Beautiful Blog, Jamie

Kasey said...

i have a secret too...
i also watch tori and dean.
maybe that's why i love to go to the gym...stick the kids in the daycare and watch my shows.