Friday, August 14, 2009

House Love

I was on vacation last week in Virginia (where my husband and I both grew up) and had a GREAT time! Little did I know that while I was IN of my FAVORITE blogs who ALSO live in Virginia (not that the BLOG itself lives in VA....but the writers) put a post up about my Paris Hotel Pillow Case!!!!!!

I LOVE everything they do with their this made me soooo happy! Check out how great the pillow looks on their bed! I feel like a proud mama! Check it out Young House Love's AMAZING blog!!!!!!!


Thompson Tales said...

I love this blog also!!! Your pillow on the bed looks wonderful, I can't wait until I get mine in the mail!!! Must make you feel so great to see your items in other peoples homes!!!

Queen B. said...

Is that YOUR BED ???????????
I love the comforter !
Where did you get it ????????

Roeshel said...

So cool! I love that pillow! (as you know since I have it too.) ;)

Congratulations on the feature!

Tara said...

Yeah for you Katie!!! Your pillow looks great on their bed!

Honorablyfallen said...

Hey I found your Etsy shop and love it so I decided to check out your blog! I'm a new blogger and when I saw the post about VA I was like yay! love the shabby chic I will be buying some stuff for my home! And will put it on the blog - Can't wait to do business with you -
- a shabby chic Virginian