Thursday, February 11, 2010

Princess and Pirates


We spent 4 days in Disney World this past weekend......and had a GREAT time! The weather was CHILLY.....but that didn't stop us from enjoying out time together with our family!

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I DEF recommend it to anyone who is up for a GREAT week!

Here are some pictures of our trip! I am busy busy sewing and packaging because we are leaving AGAIN to go to the Daytona 500! (No, I am NOT a Nascar fan.....but Yes I am generally up for a great weekend!) We are staying in an RV that my father in law rents every year on the "inner circle" and camping out!

Kacey (middle) with her Aunt's. :) (My husband's little sisters)
We went to a Luau at the Polynesian Resort. MMMM!!!! And a GREAT SHOW!!!! (Yes, I seriously made the girls matching skirts and printed crowns on sweatshirt! :)
LUNCH INSIDE THE CASTLE!!!!!! The girls had a blast! Poor Collin Just wanted to go see Mickey Mouse! For some reason Snow White decided this was a good pose for her....I think I might try it for my next photo session! ha!
This was Collin's favorite part of the Lunch! MMMM!
Ha! He looks soo little in this picture! Love that! I don't think I am ready for my kids to be growing up so fast!

This Picture just makes me laugh!!!!! He actually picked this Mike Tyson Style painting!!!! I think he was trying to show off his tough side that day after a weekend full of girlie things! Poor guy needs a brother! (BUT THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!)

This was my favorite part of the vacation! :) Seriously.....brownie with mickey mouse sprinkles and Chocolate on top.....I will take two please!

I think I will be needing a vacation from these two vacations!!!!!! Alone!


Tamstyles said...

did i tell you disney world is my fav vacation spot..we have been twice. the first time 4 days, the second time 7 days...i wanted to go back a third time but the family didnt....glad you guys went! said...

What FUN!!!
We're thinking of Disneyland for the midge's 2nd bday :)

keely @ luxe + lillies said...

precious little kids! I feel so bad! It has been FRREEEEEZZZINNNGG down here in Orlando... looks like you had a great time though!

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

I'm so jealous! Looks like so much fun.

Mc Allen said...

aww, again w/ Fl. Memories! I could kick myself..., we lived there for 8 years and never went to DISNEY!!! ugh. looks as though you guys made some teriffic memories! love it. xxoo LA