Friday, February 5, 2010

New Goodies!!!!

I have been running around CRAZY lately! With both of my kids taking turns getting sick, me catching whatever this darn bug is, and trying to keep up with orders....I sort of slacked on adding new pillows to my shop!!!!!

Here are two that have been added....and I am totally loving!!!!

I really like this angel wing pillow case! I think it looks so cute with the gold and tea stained combo! You can flip it either way you would like....but I prefer the first image.

I also received a special request for a wine chandelier with ruffles....and I loved it so much I added it!

These are the pictures of the Pillow in it's new home! Lori was super sweet and sent along a picture of how well it matched her home!!!!!

We are off to a fun weekend at Disney so I had better finish up on all of my orders and mail those babies out by 5:00. I am usually the crazy lady running into the post office DAILY with packages trying to get in the doors before they close!
Hope you all have a WONDERFULLY RELAXING weekend!!!!!


Tamstyles said...

pretty...loving those wings girl.

Mary (Mary's Monday Musicology) said...

I love the angel wings!! Wondering where the best place is to get inserts for your cases? Thanks!

janet said...

angel wings always remind of the end of the movie Castaway..with Tom Hanks and the Fed-Ex box with wings on it. Love that ;-)

Adrianna said...

Oh my I just figured out where I had heard the name Sasea Boutique! I had your pillows marked under favorites on my computer and even did a post about them. I didn't even know you had a blog!!! I even won a couple of your pillows on the blog All Things New. Wowzas it's a small blog world.

b.t.w. Can you tell I love your pillows? And they are uber affordable!