Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Love White fabric!!!!

I absolutely love white fabric!!!!!

I love to wear white shirts and dresses!!!

I love to have all white sheets on EVERY bed in my house (although my son picked out navy blue.....no problem!)

I love white curtains!

I love white shutters or blinds!

I OF COURSE Love white pillow cases!!!! :)

and my new love is White slip covered couches!

I have ALWAYS wanted white couches in my home, but thought it was NOT going to happen with 2 kids and 2 dogs!

I now have a VERY different view!

After having a white couch in our living room for almost a month now, I have realized a few things.......

1-My dogs secretly climb up on the couch when I am not in the room!

2-My kids love to push themselves back on the couch WITH their shoes!


Our couch in our living room is a dark green microfiber...........and after knowing these things.......I realize that it must be dirty and we just can't see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I am looking for a white slipcovered sectional!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

THIS Rachel Ashwell sectional is my DREAM couch!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the size, the rounded edge......EVERYTHING!
I better start working on Santa now.........I may need the whole year to convince him!!!!!!


DustyLu Interiors said...

Love the rachel sectional! i am lucky enough to have a set of her..the sweep sofa set..it was and still it the best sofa ever! slipcovers rock! nothing like the smell of a clean sofa..i could go on and on about white slipcovered denim sofas..but i will save you from that..LOLOL good luck hope you get one..Hey hubby she deserves it!

Tamstyles said...

nice!!!!! i am slowly loving it to.

tara said...

ohhh I wanted a sectional from Rachel for so long, but could never afford it...all of her furniture is just dreamy!!

Pink Pig said...

Hello there,
I love white as well. I have always had an all white bedding set on my beds here at the farm. It's just a simple classic style that i never grow tired of.

judith shakespeare said...

I love white too!!!! So did you just get a cover for your couch at IKEA? I've been thinking about doing that for the couch in the play room it's a white microfiber but after 4 years it's more like a dingy white. I was thinking about just covering it..

Krystie said...

That couch looks like a fluffy marshmallow. Perfect nap couch!! Once you're done with santa, send him on over my way!