Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eye Candy

I have been SUPER busy this past week with a sick little one, dealing with a dog that has just discovered DIGGING in my backyard (GRRRR!), my husband's 30th birthday, AND DESIGNING NEW GOODIES FOR MY ETSY SHOP!!!

So here is some eye candy until I am able to post my new pillow cases!!!!
I LOVE this chair! It doesn't look like I could wash it, so it will remain in my dreams.....but I love it! And ESP the burlap ottoman!
I think I could MAYBE tackle this project myself! I do have an embroidery machine, and just might give this one a try!
I think it would look AMAZING at a wedding though!
That slipcover is EXACTLY what I would have if I had an entire wing of my home that was for GIRLS ONLY! I am sure that my husband wouldn't go along with the ruffles on it! He is a GREAT sport with all the white in our I wouldn't even begin to ask for a ruffle couch! BUT I LOVE IT!
This picture makes me wish summer was here!!!!

pictures all from country living


Jo said...

If only I could find someone who could recreate all the lovley pictures in my home.

Hope everyone is feeling betters soon.


The Tattered Cottage said...

Gorgeous....Simply are a girl after my own heart. I dream of having rooms like these :)
Have a great day,

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

i am SO in love with this house - I remember seeing it a few months ago and it has been imbedded in my brain as the *perfect aesthetic* that I'm going for!!

Can't wait to see your new creations .... !!


vosges paris said...

I was reading your post about the Ektorp IKEA couch and you r hapiness about it,
As from someone living in Florida to I heard you have to drive hours to get to an Ikea over there.
I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing for your wallet haha
all the best , desiree

jamaica byles said...

Great line-up of slipcovered furniture.....I love the way slipcovers can transform any old chair or sofa and they're washable.Great post.......

Lilas Eyes said...

Oh I'm just drooling now...ha ha CAN'T WAIT to see the new pillow cases!! I have also been busy getting my jewelry ready to open my Etsy store by March!

Fabulously french said...

Agree with you re the 2nd to last photo. I am sick of winter and also wish that summer was here :-)


Little Lovables said...

Very pretty! We are an all white home as well. the ruffled bedskirt is gorgeous, I need one of those!

For our couch slipcovers, I got one that has a slight pleated ruffle for the same reasons, but those ruffled ones are pretty

DustyLu Interiors said...

Great pic! love your blog. glad i found to browse! lulu