Monday, January 25, 2010

My vacuum doesn't suck!!!!!

Our Vacuum doesn't suck!!!!!!!!!!! (ha...that makes me laugh!)

With 2 dogs.....2 kids........and construction on the house across the street that somehow makes loads of dust in my home daily............AND OUR VACUUM IS BROKEN! (might possibly have something to do with the sock that I sucked up this weekend.....but let's not discuss that!)

I CAN'T STAND to see a mess on the tile I brought in our wet/dry vacuum from the garage and went to town!

This is seriously the BEST tile vacuum I have EVER used!!!!! It scared the heck out of my kids and dogs with the loud noise....but it sucked up every single dust or fur ball on the floor!!!!!

I may just decide to continue to use this baby!


Tamstyles said...

i need one to...

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

too cute. I know - those shop vac's are incredible!!!!