Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Dance

This weekend I purchased the Couch that I have been WANTING sooooo badly!

I also purchased the newest Shabby Chic Interiors book........and LOVE IT!

I honestly spent a good chunk of yesterday evening laying on my NEW couch and reading every single detail of this book! I love it and I feel so refreshed and ready to get working on SOOO many projects!!!!

First Off.....I want to find circle pillow inserts so that I can make/sell round pillow cases in my etsy shop!!!!! (would just make them myself, but the thought of having to find boxes to mail that many pillow cases for orders and wholesale orders just makes me a bit stressed)

This picture ALONE made me see the EXACT feel of the bedroom I want to have! (only I painted my walls that blue color already so I will prob go with diff headboard)
I NEED to get that darn headboard started!!!!!

Farm it! Just need to repaint the legs from red to white.....and find smaller chairs that actually fit under the table. LOVE THIS LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize that while I LOVE this bathroom.............the amount of work that it would take to actually HAVE this bathroom would stress me out soooo much that I would need a much bigger tub with jets to recover from all that work.
So I will just sit and look at it in my new book for now!

This faucet is SOOO cute! But what I like most is the tile back spash! I wanted subway tiles......but now I think I would like to go for these! They just look so clean....and they make me smile! (yes, it just takes a random tile to make me smile sometimes)

I hope you all had such a GREAT weekend!!!!!!


nameisgrace said...

hey, you know my address...go ahead and send that book my way when you're done. THANKS! tee hee.

Tamstyles said...

congrats..i know the feeling oh to well...cant wait to see it.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

i. know.

Santa brought this book to me - and i cannot put it down................!!!!!!!

LOOOOVE IT!! off to shop at your Etsy!


tara said...

Katie, I just love her work. I used to go to her store here in Newport Beach and drool while I browsed...her furniture is just amazing and so pretty and feminine! The photos you choose are perfect!! happy monday sweet girl!

Katie said...

Very nice pics!!! Can't wait to see some of your projects!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

That book looks great, I need to pick that one up. The faucet is just to die for!

Enjoy your new couch!

Jen said...

I also just got this book, love it! Also we have that couch and love it! Its such a nice and comfy alternative to some of the more expensive slip covered furniture out there.

judith shakespeare said...

love IT!! It reminds me of a bed and breakfast in the French countryside!