Thursday, January 14, 2010

Custom Closet

I have been IN NEED of some organization in my closet for years!!!!! We actually have had two estimates on getting the whole closet redone and custom shelves made.....SOOOO PRICEY!

It is still something that I want to do, but with so many other projects on my "wish list" I decided that my closet could wait.

I went to Ikea this past weekend and purchased the Billy Bookcase! LOVE IT!!!!!
It has adjustable shelves so I could place them where I wanted, and I am going to go back and buy a few more shelves to add for extra shoe storage! For under $100 (with coat hangers and bookshelf) I have made my very own custom closet!!!!!

We saved $1055 by purchasing this bookcase and a whole closet full of new hangers! Feels SOOOO great!


Tamstyles said...

congrats on your closet!

tara said...

Nice job Katie! happy weekend!!

Adrianna said...

Oh how I long for such an organized closet! I wish we had an Ikea.

Adrianna said...

Lol totally, I left a comment before + now I have come to leave another. How was I not following you?! Like really? But I did get some organization going on in my closet. You might want to try a shoe holder that they have at lowe's for $27. I bought one and it holds up to 50 pairs of shoes! And have you seen Heather Bullard's blog? Totally your style.