Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We went away this past weekend to relax on the beach! I LOVE absolutely everything about the beach, and would rather be there than anywhere at all! There is just something about the salty air and the sounds of the waves that just feel so calming!

The four of us all went on am early morning long walk on the beach and picked up some shells.....saw 13 stingrays (i was sooo upset I didn't bring my camera on the walk!).....talked about how great it would be to have a little place right on the beach.......and just enjoyed each other's company!
We had such a great time that I am picking Kacey up from school tomorrow.....and heading back down to make a few sand castles! My hubby will meet us for dinner afterwards......and I can't wait for our mini mid-week vacation!

Don't let this fool you....the water was really chilly!

Such a little fish!

I love that my kids are really the best of friends! Makes it sooo nice!

My world! (the beach is so relaxing that I actually forgot to put any type of make up on for dinner!)

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