Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crate and Barrel

I haven't been inside of a Crate and Barrel since I was getting married and stalking my wedding registry! I used to stop by almost daily on my lunch break to pull out the register gun and start shooting away!

I recently received a catalog in the mail and fell in love all over again!!!!!!!!

Check out all of these amazing pieces!!!!!!!

Reget Dinnerware! LOVE the color! I wouldn't even want a whole set, just a few to add to my table and to showcase in my hutch! Beautiful!

Raya Chips and Dip ($29) I actually have this in a similar pattern and I LOVE it! I LOVE putting it out on Cindo De Mayo and any backyard bbq!

These Sorbet cups and Spoons are WAY TOO CUTE! At $2.95 each I might just make the 45 min hike to the store to get some! I am a sucker for a great ice cream bowl, AND it comes with the matching spoon!

Loire Plates in yellow are just really sweet!

and the Fish Plates look super fun too at just $4.95 each!

I have been in the market for one of these for over a year. I just haven't LOVED any of them enough, but I think this one might be "it"!

I have an Ice Cream making little party coming up, and so I think I might need to stock up on a few of these goodies!


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tara said...

love the yellow plates!! hope you are well Katie!!