Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Idea

I have recently found that I really love having plants around, and in order to have them around, I need to learn how to take care of them! (not exactly how it has gone down in the past with my poor plants!)

My daughter wanted to give her teacher a plant for Teacher Appreciation week, and I thought that it would also be a SUPER mother's day project!

What you will need:
-any size PLASTIC pots (they cost anywhere from $2-$5)
-Spray Paint for painting on plastic
-paint brushes
-paint for designs
-painters tape (if you go for the stripes)

This is one of our pots prior to painting. We went with the gray tone because it only took one coat of spray paint to get it white

Kacey decided to paint beautiful flowers in her teacher's favorite colors on hers!
It was a big hit and she was SOO proud to march into class with it!

I decided to go with stripes! Just using painters tape and a quick coat of black spray paint it was done!
I am SUPER excited with the outcome!
I think any mom would love a beautiful pot of flowers made just for her!!!!

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