Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Special Day

I had a VERY special Mother's Day!
I think it is my 2nd favorite day of the whole year! (nothing beats Christmas in my mind!)

I love waking up to my kids handing me cards that they worked so hard to make!
I love seeing that my husband took them out to pick out special goodies for me!
I love hearing them in the kitchen early in the morning putting everything together!
I just love it!!!!!

We went to my FAVORITE beach, Anna Maria Island!
With my mom, and my family!
It was the PERFECT beach day!

We played on the beach for a few hours, saw two crabs, one jelly fish, lots of shells, and had a GREAT time!
Then we went to lunch on the Pier, followed by the BEST ice cream I could imagine!!!

I thank these two often for making me a mom!
It is the BEST job I have ever had and I honestly love it!
I love watching these two grow up and become such SWEET, LOVING, FUN, AND CARING people!!!!!
There isn't anywhere I would rather be than hanging out with my family! I don't need a break from them, they are my world!

Hope your day was full of lots of great memories!!!!!

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