Friday, April 30, 2010


Have you ever just felt REALLY happy!?

The kind when you know your kids are happy,

your marriage is happy,

you have an amazing family,

your home is finally coming together,

you have great friends in your life,

......and all is right in your world?!

That's how I am feeling, and I feel SO lucky!
Hope you are feeling super happy too!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crate and Barrel

I haven't been inside of a Crate and Barrel since I was getting married and stalking my wedding registry! I used to stop by almost daily on my lunch break to pull out the register gun and start shooting away!

I recently received a catalog in the mail and fell in love all over again!!!!!!!!

Check out all of these amazing pieces!!!!!!!

Reget Dinnerware! LOVE the color! I wouldn't even want a whole set, just a few to add to my table and to showcase in my hutch! Beautiful!

Raya Chips and Dip ($29) I actually have this in a similar pattern and I LOVE it! I LOVE putting it out on Cindo De Mayo and any backyard bbq!

These Sorbet cups and Spoons are WAY TOO CUTE! At $2.95 each I might just make the 45 min hike to the store to get some! I am a sucker for a great ice cream bowl, AND it comes with the matching spoon!

Loire Plates in yellow are just really sweet!

and the Fish Plates look super fun too at just $4.95 each!

I have been in the market for one of these for over a year. I just haven't LOVED any of them enough, but I think this one might be "it"!

I have an Ice Cream making little party coming up, and so I think I might need to stock up on a few of these goodies!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slightly Tempting

I am off to Cosi today for a lunch date with a great friend and her 3 week old baby girl! I am super excited!

I received an email from Cosi about their new summer drinks and I am tempted to try the habanero lemonade just to see what it is like!

On thursday they are giving them away for FREE from 2pm to 4pm, so that might be a great chance to check it out and not feel too bummed if I have to turn around and dump it out!

Must be a new "combo" because Crate and Barrel is selling Jalapeno Lemonade! Hmm....that might make a good cocktail!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I LOVE when things FINALLY come together!

I have had a picture cut out from a Pottery Barn catalog from about 4 years ago in my "dream book" and just couldn't commit to putting shelves up!

Now that the shelves are up......I have NO idea why I waited so long! I am LOVING them!

We purchased this Pottery Barn console table 5 years ago and I absolutely LOVE it! I have all of the art supplies that I don't want my kids to be "alone with" in the playroom upstairs neatly in the baskets below.

I purchased the shelves at Ikea this past week and I couldn't be more happy!

I am switching up the everything on the shelf daily...and I think it is going to be fun to update it!

My whole house is getting a "spring" face lift, and I will be posting pics soon!!!! I am sooo thrilled with how it is all shaping up!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Smell of Spring

I LOVE the smell of cupcakes!

I think that cupcakes smell like Spring!

I have NO clue why, but I just feel like cakes/pies are for the winter and fall and cupcakes are for the spring/summer! (could be because flowers make me I hardly get to really smell the joy of spring!)

I got these super cute candles from Target yesterday! They were under $5! AND SMELL LIKE FRESH BAKED VANILLA CUPCAKE! MMMMM!!!!!!

I wanted a little color on it, so i just took a Sharpie marker and drew on them! Might play around with a few more this weekend!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!!!!

Every year I try to plant something on Earth Day to get my kids excited about it! I usually go with the tiny little packs of seeds, but they NEVER grow and my kids have decided that I have no idea what I am doing! (which MAY or MAY NOT be true!)

SO.....this year we decided to buy an actual plant to put in a pot!

I went for the cheap plastic container and fully intend on covering the plant tomorrow with a plastic bag and spray painting the outside of the pot in either white, light yellow, or blue! (decided that I should probably lay off the spray paint on Earth Day!)

We also bought some little kits with seeds for the kids to try out again! This time they came with the dirt, and all the directions, so if they don't grow I am NOT going to be blamed!

(did not buy enough I will be secretly going out there tonight to raise the plant and fill in more dirt!)

Hope you all had a wonderful day!!!!!!


Monday, April 19, 2010


Maybe I am late on the news....but I was SUPER excited to see that Bed Bath and Beyond has Amy Butler bedding and towels! I LOVE her fabric!!!!!

There are a few items available online, but I am going to make a trip to the actual store today to see if they have any more goodies!

This just made my Monday soooo much better!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We went away this past weekend to relax on the beach! I LOVE absolutely everything about the beach, and would rather be there than anywhere at all! There is just something about the salty air and the sounds of the waves that just feel so calming!

The four of us all went on am early morning long walk on the beach and picked up some shells.....saw 13 stingrays (i was sooo upset I didn't bring my camera on the walk!).....talked about how great it would be to have a little place right on the beach.......and just enjoyed each other's company!
We had such a great time that I am picking Kacey up from school tomorrow.....and heading back down to make a few sand castles! My hubby will meet us for dinner afterwards......and I can't wait for our mini mid-week vacation!

Don't let this fool you....the water was really chilly!

Such a little fish!

I love that my kids are really the best of friends! Makes it sooo nice!

My world! (the beach is so relaxing that I actually forgot to put any type of make up on for dinner!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tea With The Queen!

This past weekend was GREAT!
My sister and her family drove down from Virginia and we were able to spend a really great Easter Weekend together!!!!!
My mom planned a girl's Tea Party for all of the girls! She got the girl's dresses that match their dolls....called ahead to the Tea Room and had them set up a "Princess Tea Party", and we were all set!

It was GREAT!
Grammy (my mom) and her two Princesses!
Ready to go!
With my little girl! (that is probably going to be taller than me by the age of 7!!!)
It was so cute!

I think their favorite part was drinking from really big tea glasses! They each had about 4 cups of pink lemonade!

There was a special table set up for their dolls! There was also a little tea set that they set out for their "girl's" to have snacks and tea as well!

Love them!
This book, "Tea for Ruby" is SOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!
It is all about a surprise Tea party with her grandma, "The Queen".
Collin and my dad had other plans! They spent the afternoon fishing!
They didn't catch anything at all.............but I am convinced Collin just likes to go for the lunch that I pack them!
Too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!