Thursday, December 31, 2009

Going out in Style

I am like many other people out there who makes a list of New Years "goals" that I would like to make....and keep up with!

That being said, I also am one who realizes that December 31st is a day that you get it all out of your system so that it isn't such a shock in the new year!

Example 1......I would like to not spend my day planning out what kind of dessert I would like to eat after the kids to go bed. SO...........I will spend today having every kind of chocolate I can find in hopes that I will get it out of my system.

Example 2......I am going to do my VERY best to not buy so many kitchen items for my house in 2010. I am going to go to Pottery Barn and buy these!!!

They would TOTALLY have been on my christmas list....but I didn't see them until after Christmas. (totally sold out on, but they do have them in the store!!!! RUN!)

Example 3.......I would like to get better at sending out Thank you Cards. I am going to go buy a few sets from Etsy that I can easily download and print whenever I have to send a card!
love these!!!!! I am thinking a nice turquoise bike! Check out Whisker Graphics!
Example 4......Keep a clean house and put my new Shark Mop to work! I will not watch over my kids with crumbs and nag them to keep the food and drinks on the tile!
I better get moving....I have a lot of bad habits to take care of today so that I am too tired to get into much trouble in 2010. ;)
Hope you all have a safe and super fun New Years! Thank you all for your support and making 2009 the BEST year!


Kasey said...

lovin all of these.
can you email me please...
i want to meet up with you when i head to FL in a few weeks.

Candi said...

Happy New Year!!!