Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa Came a Bit Early

I have been without a camera for MONTHS! It has made me ill, and made me resort to borrowing cameras weekly! I hate that feeling!!!!
So Santa came a little bit early and I am the PROUD owner of a Nikon D3000!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

I have been taking a few practice pictures around there house.........
This is my little Roxy! She is 8 1/2 years old......and in my eyes she could do no wrong! (although, don't ask anyone else that comes in contact with her!)
Our CRAZY Kali is already 8 months old and is NUTS! She is a really great dog, but seriously has a love of eating carpet. grrrrr!
My little guy wakes up in the morning BRIGHT AND EARLY and happy as can be!
Kacey seriously thinks she is a super model....and I can't argue with her. :)
Can't believe how big she is getting!!!!!
Chad was practicing with the camera as we were baking a birthday cake for my dad.

Checking their boots on December 5th to see if they received any goodies from St. Nick!
More pictures to come! We are working on a few fun Christmas crafts around here so I will be sure to share!


nameisgrace said...

yaaay!!! it's all about the blurry backgrounds haha. so glad you got your camera!!!

Jessica said...

How cute are you guys!? Funny I bought the SAME "I Belive" shirt & LOVE IT! :)

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

so exciting!

Merry Christmas~

Maria Snider said...

Aw, those are so cute! Love the ones of Kacey!!!

Tamstyles said...

we are camera twins girl...yeaaaa

Lilas Eyes said...

Oh my gosh, such cute pics! I have been begging for this same camera and I accidentally might have seen an order for one....shhh! ha ha I can act surprised! :)))

Kasey said...

congrats on the camera...
so much fun.

Just Beachy said...

You have a beautiful family .