Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I love Tea!

I have a slight love of tea! I actually HAVE to have tea daily around 3:00 so that I can make it through the rest of the day/night! It is my "go to" drink when I start to feel like I need to crawl into a ball and fall asleep!

I have all sorts of teas....and I switch it up with each cup! I use loose tea, bags, sugar, honey, or nothing at all! I just ENJOY it!

I was recently in a craft show and had a booth next do Kokomo Tea! AMAZING!!!!!!!!
She has the most AMAZING combinations and every sip was SOOO fresh!!!

The smell, taste, quality and prices were AMAZING!!!!!

I bought tea for stockings, for friends, for myself, and even asked for more for christmas! LOVE THEM!!!! They were so good that you really didn't need any sweetener in them AT ALL!

I saw people flocking to her to taste and raving about it all night!!!

Check here out here and here.


Thank me later. :)

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Kasey said...

i love a good afternoon tea as well. thanks for sharing..on my way to check it out.