Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Merriest of times!

Christmas is my FAVORITE week of the year! I LOVE the excitement of running around getting everything ready! It just makes me happy!

Here is our pictures!
I hosted our annual "christmas cake decorating party" for the neighborhood kids. (four families and their kiddos) I make cakes and the kids go to town decorating them! So cute!

We went to the light show at our outdoor mall!
We got there a bit early and waited for Chad to meet us after work so we could sit down front row....the kids decided to put on a dance show for EVERYONE there. :)

This is what Kacey decided to wear to her Christmas concert at school. Gotta love a girl that knows how to rock such a festive outfit!
My sister, brother in law, and niece came ALLL the way from Virginia to spend Christmas with us! The kids were sooooo happy! They had matching pj's and all slept together in one room on Christmas eve. (I also slept in the room with the three kids JUST to make sure that they didn't get up early and see their Santa presents before I set up the camera......let's just say I didn't get ANY sleep with the three of them "hearing Santa on the roof allllllll night!)

This is what your living room could look like with 3 kids and 6 adults! We had to stop opening gifts and wait until the next day because the kids were just way to overwhelmed!
Best of friends, and cousins! This melts my heart and makes me wish that they lived closer!!!!

The end of THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tamstyles said...

glad it was a great one for you..great photos..

Brenda said...

WOw your kids are beautiful. I also noticed someone got a Shark steam mop too. :) I used mine and it's awesome. I can't believe how domesticated I am and excited over a mop. HA-HA. Hope you all have a great New Year.