Monday, March 14, 2011

Beach Lovin

It is no secret that I LOVE the beach! We used to live just a few miles away from the beach on the east coast of Florida....and I MISS that daily!

I know I shouldn't complain that it takes about 45 min from our home now....but it seems like a big difference to us!

This weekend we went to the beach for our first visit of 2011....AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

love how everyone in our family is either a K or a C!

After a day at the pool and beach (ocean water is COLD the heated pool was our first choice!) we changed and went back down to the ocean. just can't get enough!

LOVE how Kacey turned the camera when she took this picture. She has a good eye!

So happy that we both have the same love for the beach!

My toothless little girl! haha!

Beach soccer is too fun!

What can I say.....we love big shades!

Collin just looks like he belongs living ON the beach! I don't think there is every a day that goes by without someone saying, "wow...he looks just like a little surfer". And I can totally see him living in California being a surfer some day! (although....we will have to follow him, I can NOT imagine being that far from him!!)

Beautiful sunset to end the first day at the beach in 2011.
Hope your weekend was full of fun family time too!



Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Beautiful photos of the beach and what a lovely family you have! I love your blog and am a new follower dropping by from A Beach Cottage, Good Life Wednesday. :O)

l3tth3musicplay said...

That's a beautiful place. Your family looks lovely :) I miss the time when I was little and on the beach with my sister. Such good memories :)